Here’s a relatively interesting fact:  If you lined up all the planets in the solar system right next to each other, they could fit between Earth and the moon.

Here’s the math to prove it:

Earth-moon distance (384,440km) – [diameter of Mercury (4,879km) + diameter of Venus (12,104km) + diameter of Mars (6,771km) + diameter of Jupiter (138,350km) + diameter of Saturn (114,630km) + diameter of Uranus (50,532km) + diameter of Neptune (49,105km)] = 8,069km.

The planets between the Earth and Moon

The calculation uses the average distance between the Earth and moon, and the average diameters of each of the planets. Since some planets spin very fast, they bulge at their equators. If you took that measurement, it wouldn’t quite fit.

Also, Pluto is not included in the calculation because it’s not a planet and is now dead to me.  For the sake of argument, it would fit too since its diameter is only 2,368km.
Source:  Buzzfeed