Nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, conjunction, and prepositions – oh my!   Parts of speech, their definition and usage can be tedious and confusing.  Sure, we all know how to use them, but who actually remembers the difference between reflexive, relative, indefinite, intensive/reflexive, interrogative, and reciprocal pronouns?   Not I.

To remedy the confusion, Pop Chart Lab has created a wonderful infographic to help us learn and remember all the things.  The language parts-of-speech things.

For example, intensifiers convey greater or less emphasis to something, and they’re broken down into three categories:  amplifiers, downtoners, and emphasizers.  Boring.  But not if you look at it this way:  Bender is completely robotic (amplifier).  Robocop is sort-of robotic (downtoner).  Al Gore is really robotic (emphasizer).  Now you know – and knowing is half the battle.

You’re going to want to click on the infographic so that it’s more legible.

Pop primer on parts of speech (infographic)