the mothmanIt’s an Owl! It’s a Crane! No, it’s… Mothman!??

It’s been 45 years since the first reported sighting of the famed Mothman. No, not the character “Killer Moth” from Batman, but the creature who stands 6 to 7 feet tall with huge, dark wings and piercing red eyes that terrified the local folks at Point Pleasant, West Virginia on the night of November 12, 1966.

On that day, two young couples and their cousin were driving past an old World War II TNT factory when they noticed a glowing red light at one of the generator plants. Upon closer inspection, they were terrified to find out that the ‘glowing red lights’ belonged to a huge creature with the body of a man with massive wings on its back, hovering over the plant.

They drove off in a hurry, but the Mothman chased them to Route 62 where it eventually disappeared. The local authorities took the couples seriously as they were credible, and never the ones to cause trouble. According to the good ol’ Deputy, knowing them all his life, he knew the story was real because they were so genuinely terrified.

West Virginia ‘Terrorized’

mothman sketchesShortly after the incident, many people came forward reporting sightings of the Mothman. Five grave workers from Clendenin, West Virginia, reported that they had a similar creature hovering over them while preparing for a grave three days earlier on the 9th of November 1966. However, they remained quiet, afraid that the local folks would question their sanity.

Another man from Salem, West Virginia, claimed that he went out to check on a loud, generator-starting-like whiny sound right outside of his home. His dog was barking towards the sky, and when he looked up, he saw two red lights. His dog went after the lights, and disappeared. The man went back to get his gun, but was too afraid to go back out. His dog was never found. It was the same night of the incident in Pleasant Point.

The search group led by the Deputy at Point Pleasant saw the body of a dog, near the generator plant, but it disappeared when they came back for it after the search. During that night, they spotted the Mothman again rising from the place where they parked their vehicles.

The sightings continued until December, 1967, when tragedy struck.

The Silver Bridge Tragedy

silver bidge collapse
Silver Bridge

On January 11th, 1967, people began to spot the Mothman hovering over the Silver Bridge. On December 15th, 1967, the Silver Bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. An investigation showed that it collapsed due to a manufacturing flaw.

The Mothman was never to be seen again in Point Pleasant.

The Bad Omen Bringer?

Now who would’ve known that the terrifying creature actually wants to be friends and to warn the local folks? Legend has it that the Mothman appeared to warn the people of Point Pleasant about the faulty single eye-bar of the suspension chain of the Silver Bridge.

Guten Abend, Moth Mann

There were several other incidents of the Mothman appearing before a tragedy occured, all of which occurred outside of West Virginia. For instance, on September 10th, 1978, miners from Freiburg, Germany could have sworn they saw a creature with red glowing eyes on its chest, with huge dark wings on its back, with the body of a man blocking the entrance of the mine. It scared away 21 who were supposed to work on that day.

Later, the mine collapsed. However, those who had survived soon started to face psychiatric problems, including the two who told the story of the Mothman. The named it the “Freiburg Shrieker” as it was said by the group of man, that when it unfurled its wings, it terrorized everyone with a shrieking sound which sounded like 50 people screaming at once.

The Chernobyl Incident

Scientists that worked in the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine also claimed to encounter a huge creature with red glowing eyes on its chest, without a head, with huge wings and the body of a man. The sightings started in April, 1985. Many who encountered the creature stopped working and reported nightmares. A year later, in April 1986, the Chernobyl incident occurred.

Mothman, My Friend

sandhill crane
Kinda looks like Mothman…

Could it be that the Mothman was a sign of bad omen? Was it a friend in disguise trying to warn people about bad things to come? Whatever the case may be, the sightings of the Mothman have tapered off.

Some theorists claims that the Mothman could be an oversized barn owl, a sand hill crane, or even an oversized Malayan bat. Some extremist thinks that it is an alien from outer space, while most tend to think that the Mothman is more paranormal than it is a cryptic creature. Others believe it is nothing more than a figment of someone’s imagination, and a story gone viral.

Should you be on the lookout?

Whatever the claims, there is one clear fact: other than unreliable anecdotal evidence, there is nothing to support the existence of a half man, half moth creature. Like Bigfoot and UFOs, there’s nothing more than stories, blurry or Photoshopped photos, and shaky videos.

But, if you’re still interested, there’s a movie called The Mothman Prophecies which you might enjoy…



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