Dungeons and Dragons has managed to remain a pinnacle of gaming for more than four decades due, in large part, to how well it stimulates the imagination (it also helps that it was referenced extensively on the show Stranger Things).  But every new campaign needs some kind of jumping off point, especially if you’re the type of dungeon master who’s going to be creating some monsters from scratch. To that end, here before you are 45 of the most insane and twisted mythical creatures ever imagined by people, from across the globe.

The list was designed by Kate Maloney of the Halloween costume site, Costume Craze. While some of the monsters on this list are reasonably familiar–e.g. Cerberus (pictured in flames, above), Gargoyle (Gargouille), Minotaur – most of the beasts are esoteric and made of unique brain-twisting combinations of limbs and mouths and organs.

And the best part is, they’re all based on real, truly horrific and violent myths.

Featured image:  Cerberus