Mahatma Gandhi’s face has been found on Mars!

Sort of. On first glance, it is a very compelling image, and Matteo Ianneo was quick to point that out using Google Mars. Located at 33°12’29.82?N, 12°55’51.21?W, the blurry image looks like a picture of Mahatma Gandhi in while in profile view.

This is a classic case of pareidolia. A case which gets solved immediately after inspecting the high resolution versions of the photo. Look at the low resolution photo from the Mars Express Orbiter – it does indeed look like a face:

gandi's face on mars
CREDIT: ASU Mars Space FLgith Facility

Now, look at the higher resolution photo from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Doesn’t look much like a face anymore, does it?

gandhi's face on mars hi res
CREDIT: ASU Mars Space Flight Facility

It should also be noted that Ianneo also “discovered” vegetation, entrances to underground tunnels, and city ruins on Mars in the past few weeks.

Upon further inspection, I am quite sure that these blurry images will reveal Mars’ geologic landscape… and nothing more.


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