To some, it’s mystical and magical, to others it’s down to chance and probability. Luck is something that we are all divided on. Defined as success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions‘, our own perception of whether or not we’re a lucky person can have a massive impact on our choices in life. In their book Social Psychology and Human Nature, Baumeister and Bushman state that people who perceive themselves as lucky are more likely to gamble.


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So what about lucky locations? Are people really more likely to win big in one place over another?

In a study of “luckiest locations”, the UK’s biggest privately-owned online bingo and casino brand found that Leeds is the luckiest city in the UK, with an average of £1.5 million being won each month. The luckiest time for residents of Leeds is on a Sunday at 17.12. If you live in Leeds, keep that in mind; next Sunday take a chance and have a cheeky game of mobile bingo. Some online casinos even let you make a bingo deposit by phone bill so you don’t even need to leave your sofa. It’s as easy as that.

If you don’t live in Leeds but do live elsewhere in the UK, check out how lucky your postcode is here.

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Alright, but are the people of Leeds actually lucky? Perhaps they are simply more open to noticing opportunities. In his research, Richard Wiseman (Psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire) found that unlucky people miss opportunities because they are too focused on looking for something else. Those who consider themselves to be lucky, however, create their own opportunities, listen to their intuition, and create self-fulfilling prophecies through positive expectations.

It could, however,  be purely down to the statistics. The statistics say that you’re more likely to win in Leeds than in London, but is that because the statistics show that more people play? Somewhere has to come top, right?

Science has also shown that hot streaks are a real thing, but maybe not for the reasons you’re expecting. A study found that when a person wins a bet, they’re more likely to keep on winning, and when a person loses, they’re more likely to keep losing. This comes down to the fact that with each win, a player becomes more convinced that they’re going to lose, therefore make safer bets. Safer bets increase the probability of winning, therefore make the player more likely to continue on a hot streak.

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Although lucky locations and hot streaks may not be mystical and magical, plenty of studies back up the fact that luck is real, but that it’s all based on statistics and probability. If more people in a particular city win big than in a different city, that place is “luckier” as the probability of winning is higher. If you’re on a hot streak, then probability says that you’re more likely to keep on winning.

So the question shouldn’t be, “Are lucky locations and hot streaks down to luck or probability?”, because luck is probability. The question should be, when are you heading over to Leeds to win big?