Much like the descent into Dante’s Inferno, to delve into depths of conspiracy theories has its own tiers of madness.  From the mainstream conspiracies surrounding Atlantis, UFOs, and the New World Order all the way down to “Retrocausality” and “Solar Plexus Cloud Gliders” (yes, that’s apparently a thing), this chart lays just about all known conspiracies theories and organizes them by Tier – from the tip of the iceberg to the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean.

You think you know your conspiracy theories?  You. Know. Nothing.

So, what level of conspiracy theorist are you?

All conspiracy theories listed by their level of craziness

The complete list of absurd conspiracy theoriesTier 1 “Crazyhead”:  Mainstream conspiracies and “unsolved” mysteries.  Most of this stuff is well documented and known to a good portion of the population.  Many common theories may be grouped in broader terms, or may not even appear on the chart at all considering their meaning and popularity.

Tier 2 “Deep Researcher”:  Theories and Twilight Zone level stuff.  Most of these entries can easily be studied through the use of mainstream media, like television, radio, and the Internet, but they require a solid grasp on how the world works to be fully understood.  Common folks rarely go this deep.

Tier 3 “Truth Agent:  Point of no return… some of this “knowledge” will make you appear and act like a lunatic to normal people.  But it’s only the beginning.  If you’re this deep, you might want to study and research even more, following your path.

Tier 4  “Adept of Secrets”:  Occult learnings and mysteries of lower tier that apparently seem to be innocent seem to become more sinister.  You begin to see patterns everywhere, realizing you only dipped your toes into the world of conspiracies.  Very few people believe or have heard of conspiracies from this level.

Tier 5  “Animaster”:  This kind of knowledge is often hidden in plain sight or can be found in very ancient texts, after meticulous research that may take dozens of years.  From this point on, even sane people have a difficult time understand the concepts.  The journey begins…

Tier 6  “Transcended”:  At this depth, the detachment from reality really starts to kick in.  The world you once knew begins to fall and crumble apart, but in a good kind of way.  The Human Questions are suddenly interesting again and you see life for what it is.  The purpose is back.

Tier 7  “Interdimensional Monk”:  The Interdimensional Monk sees the whole picture, and is able to discern reality from unreality.  Because of their nature, the mixture of entries around this tier is widely varied and, as one might expect, difficult to comprehend.

Tier 8  “Reality Hacker”:  At extreme depths, the very structure of reality as you may know it vanishes.  Able to control the flow and having mastered the world and those around you, one final question remains:  can you master yourself?

Tier 9  “Man of the World”:  The final understanding is so close you can almost feel it.  At last, you ascended, leaving behind all the conspiracies, all the mysteries, all of the known and the unknown.

Tier 0  “The Rebirth”:  Everything, in the end, becomes true.


Source: Chart of Truth