Godzilla – the King of the Monsters – was first unleashed upon this world in 1954.  The fictional kaiju became a pop-culture icon, spawning dozens of films.  In them, Godzilla battles not only humans, but a plethora of kaiju (in Japanese, meaning “strange monster”, but often translated in English to “monster” or “giant monster”) ranging from the giant ape, King Kong, to a giant moth (aptly named Mothra), and super variations of himself.

Fair Warning:  Some of the language in this infographic is not suitable for kids.  So if you’re offended by f-bombs, just look at the pictures.

List of all kaiju in the Godzilla universe.

Infographic:  9gag.com
Featured image:  Godzilla and King Ghidora by Toku Satuarafi

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