More than a mile underwater in the Gulf of Mexico, a remote controlled submersible camera captured footage of one of Earth’s creepiest creatures… an alien like being, with very long “arms” and “elbows”.  And creepiest of all?  The footage is definitely real.  So when you’re swimming in the Gulf, know that this thing is swimming with you…

The alien like animal is of course not an alien at all, but a “big fin” squid, Magnapinna.  They’ve been filmed a few times in the Gulf, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.


The video was taken on November 11th, 2007, from a Shell oil company ROV (remotely operated vehicle) roughly 200 miles of the coast of Houston, Texas.

It’s estimated that this a fully grown bigfin squid can reach 7 meters in length (roughly 23 feet).  It’s thought that the bigfin squid drags it’s tentacles along the ocean floor collecting food.  The “elbow”-like angles allow the tentacles to spread out so they don’t get tangled.  But scientists still aren’t entirely sure, and the creature leaves many mysteries to be solved.

The image below was created by reddit user brokencow by stitching together the pans and zooms to get a real sense of scale.

Footage of ocean alien? Nah, just a bigfin squid.

Sources:  National Geographic, reddit, Wikipedia



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