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How Do Levitating Street Performers Work?

Indian yogis appear to float in mid-air, as if some levitating force were holding them up… but upon closer inspection, the truth is revealed.  It’s all about the physics…



26 Atheist Memes That Will Make You Reconsider Religion

There is arguably no stronger belief than one’s religion.  What would it take for you to entertain the thought that you – and the other followers of your religion – could be wrong?  Why doesn’t God heal amputees?  What is the value of prayer?  Should we base on morals on the Bible?  Why are you willing to dismiss all gods that ever been conceived… except yours?



The Labyrinthine Library of Babel

So, a guy created a website which contains all books that have ever been written and all books that ever will be written.  Also, not just books – anything that was written or will be written.  Based on the short story by Jorge Borges, “The Library of Babel”, one never knows what they’ll discover in the volumes within…



Here’s What the Bigfoot Patterson-Gimlin Film Looks Like When It’s Stabilized

What if we looked at the Patterson-Gimlin film, stabilized it, and then focused in on the man in the suit – er – Bigfoot?  Could this shed some light on the mysterious cryptid?

Bigfoot footage stabilized


13 Failed Predictions That Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

Predicting the future is hard – psychic or not.  Here’s a collection of regrettable predictions that turned out to be completely wrong.  Like Lord Kelvin’s proclamation that,”X-rays will prove to be a hoax.”  At the time, he was president of the esteemed Royal Society.



The Bat and a Ball Problem

If a baseball and a bat cost $1.10 together, and the bat costs $1.00 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?  Discuss.

The Bat and a Ball Problem


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