Let’s say you decide see a show where a psychic will be performing and working with the audience.  Perhaps you have lost a loved one and you wish to reconnect for closure, or maybe you seek guidance for your future.  How will you be able to tell if the psychic is genuine or not?

Produced by the Good Thinking Society for Psychic Awareness Month in late 2014, the “Spotting a Genuine Psychic” leaflet (downloadable as a PDF) provides you with the tools you’ll need to figure out if they are simply a fraud.

If you don’t remember to bring the leaflet with you, try to keep these 4 key questions in mind:

1.  Is the psychic making specific statements?

How to spot a genuine psychic (click to download)
Source: Good Thinking Society

If the psychic makes a statement, is it quite specific or could it apply to lots of people? The psychic may say that an elderly person has a bad back, or that someone has lost a ‘father figure’ or that someone is searching for a ‘John’. Clearly, all of these statements could be true for lots of people and this type of general statement will certainly match someone in an audience of hundreds.

2.  Is the psychic speaking clearly or in riddles?

A psychic might suggest that a particular letter, name, number or month has some significance. If the psychic is really hearing from a specific person on the other side, would he or she really communicate this way? The psychic should be able to say: “I’m hearing from George Jones, who died from liver disease in April 2009. He was a plumber and he says his wife is Mary Jones”.

3.  How many of the statements are incorrect?

Are the statements made by the psychic mainly correct? Or does the psychic say many things that are incorrect? Your attention might be drawn to a correct statement, but we all have the tendency  to forget the false statements. However, if you keep a count of the number of false and true statements then you can see if the psychic is uncannily accurate or merely relying on you forgetting the misses.

4.  Are you asked to give information?

Psychics often ask a great many questions during their readings, asking you to provide lots of details. Some psychics even ask audiences to fill out ‘prayer cards’ before the show, providing personal information – such cards could be used to help someone appear psychic. If a psychic genuinely can speak directly to the dead, then you should not need to give them any information before or during the show.

To see how it went when these leaflets were distributed at ‘Psychic’ Sally Morgan’s show, watch the video below.

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