Sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish science from pseudoscience

Good science…

  • Follows the evidence wherever it leads
  • Embraces criticism
  • Uses precise terminology with clear definitions
  • Provides claims that are conservative and tentative
  • Properly considers all evidence and arguments
  • Uses rigorous and repeatable methods
  • Engages with peers and community
  • Follows careful and valid logic
  • Changes with new evidence

Whereas pseudoscience…

  • Starts with a conclusion, then works backwards to confirm
  • Is hostile to criticism
  • Uses vague jargon to confuse and evade
  • Makes grandiose claims that go beyond the evidence
  • Cherry picks only favorable data, relies on testimonials, anecdotes, or weak evidence
  • Uses flawed methods with unrepeatable results
  • Is often represented by lone mavericks working in isolation
  • Uses inconsistent and invalid logic
  • Is dogmatic and unyielding
Science VS Pseudoscience
Img Source: The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe (