The folks over at have produced a fantastic document which outlines how anyone can be a psychic.  This is a must read for an aspiring Sylvia Browne!  The abbreviated version is below.

Learn to be a Psychic in 10 Easy Lessons

Psychic readings and fortunetelling are an ancient art — a combination of acting and psychological manipulation. While some psychics are known to cheat and acquire information ahead of time, these ten tips focus on what is known as “cold reading” — reading someone “cold” without any prior knowledge about them.

You can download the pdf here.

  1. Set the stage for an intimate, comfortable, experience. Establish your psychic authority with props such as important looking charts, or bookcases, full of reference books.
  2. Project a sympathetic personality. Put your client in a receptive, cooperative mood by explaining that a reading is a team effort.
  3. There are seven things people most want to talk about: Love, Health, Money, Career, Travel, Education, and Ambition. Stick to these themes by asking a lot of questions and making plenty of statements from each category.
  4. Start with a “Barnum” reading that offers something for everyone.
  5. After general statements, you can begin to home in on specifics that apply to most people.
  6. Extract information from your client by disguising questions as statements.
  7. Appeal to the authority of ancient wisdom and mysterious secrets by peppering your reading with esoteric jargon.
  8. Don’t be shy about using a little scientific knowledge from psychology or sociology to deduce your client’s concerns.
  9. Don’t forget the obvious. Flatter your subjects. Tell them what they want to hear.
  10. Have your excuses ready. Turn every outcome to your advantage.

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  • Little Mikey Shermer uses Mark Edward for information on how to be a pseudo psychic, real psychics like Bill Perron have offered Shermer a challenge and Shermer refused to take him up on it. Shermer has been a lackey for his hero the Annoying Randi for many years. Shermer is a bit of a user, he demonstrates this by using the notoriety of Annoying Randi and the knowledge of Mark Edward to further his own sick ambitions. Go to youtube and do a search for: Vedic Astrology and Shermer there is a video that Shermer can not deny when he tested an astrologer and had admit the astrologer was at least 73% accurate. Shermer really needs to open his mind and stop letting his narrow myopic agenda continuously make him look so foolish

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