You’re probably wondering what the New Year has in store for you.  Is it riches?  Success?  Love?  There’s only one way to find out – your horoscope.  Carefully crafted by Fljúgandi Spagettískrímslið, you can use this handy chart to determine your horoscope for 2015.

Your Horoscope for 2015 (click to see larger version)


  • Bill Perron

    The planets are a roadmap to events and opportunities, they do not affect us in anyway, but they can help us to take advantage of coming opportunities or warn of of possible stumbling blocks to come. The only people who deny the usefulness of astrology are those silly bigots who have never made an intelligent study of astrology. Reading a newspaper horoscope is not a study of astrology and when idiotic bigots like Randi and Shermer and other professional pseudo skeptics use the newspaper horoscopes as their proof they are in reality only demonstrating and expressing their ignorance and bigotry with using the newspaper horoscopes as an example. Please contact Randi and ask him before he dies why he lied to weasel out of the Bill Perron astrology challenge.

    • Jim Fox

      silly bigots idiotic bigots pseudo skeptics ignorance and bigotry
      lied to weasel out…

      YEP, here’s a well-reasoned critique!