What are some of the greatest hoaxes that have ever fooled the world?  This infographic shares a handful – from The Turk to the Loch Ness Monster to the War of the Worlds broadcast and a few modern hoaxes spawned on the Internet.  Noticeably absent are Clever Hans and Piltdown Man, a couple of my personal favorites.

So why do people create hoaxes?

1.  To draw attention to their fraudulent skills (ex: crop circles that were admittedly created by a couple of guys to show that they could fool others into thinking it was aliens).

2.  To gain a financial benefit through deceit (ex:  Microsoft giving away money to testers if you just click that link in the email…).

3.  To feed our prejudices and beliefs (ex:  someone believes they have the power to find water underground with a stick… then uses water dowsing to “prove” it).

4.  Because it’s fun (for a huge list, look at the Top 100 April Fool’s Hoaxes).

Hoaxes that fooled the world (infographic)...
Source: bestpsychologydegrees.com