What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Christopher Hitchens


Hitchen's Razor

  • And what is asserted with evidence will be cowardly denied if it doesn’t fit the agenda. Problem with evidence and agendas is that those with an agenda often will refuse to look at evidence that doesn’t fit their agenda. The evidence says James Randi is a liar, has a history of lying, but his Randibot followers refuse to even look at the evidence. Instead they rather call names, say horrible things, send hate e-mails, Hitchens Razor cuts both ways, the truth is the truth even if some folks fear the truth and run (like Randi and his brainwashed devotees do) from the truth.

    • Kevin

      Let me guess…by “truth ” of course you mean the Bible?????? And we know the Bible is the truth because it says so! HAHAHAHAHAHA

      • KEVIN:
        Where did I say “bible” ? Only an idiot makes stupid statements based on ignorance. Since Kevin made a posting based on a word that was never mentioned it can be safely concluded Kevin is an idiot.

    • JDM

      So, Religion can command it’s Christobots to commit Genocide (Islam and Christianity) and the mutilation of children’s genitals, (Christianity) among many, many, many, other ghastly atrocities, and the best you got is James Randi?…next.

      • Bill Perron

        JDM…Congratulations JDM, only a Randibot can twist and warp events as you have done. Please take your head out of your ass and try for once in your life to think rationally. I realize thinking rationally will be difficult, but once you do you’ll never think like a Randibot again. And please stop leaping to the defense of the liar, instead ask him why he lied about Bill Perron, then please share his response.

  • Danny Pryor

    Just magnificent!

  • Mark Guitre

    Message for Bill Perron: Uri Geller called, he wants his trick spoons back.

    • So Randi can turn more homosexual tricks?