Thanks to the folks over at the Atheist Memebase, were able to present two lovely infographics presenting just some of the evidence for evolution as present by a scientist, and all of the evidence against it, as presented by a Creationist.

Now, this is clearly meant as a tongue-in-cheek comic reflection on the views of creationists (small “c”, because it doesn’t matter which religious creation story we’re talking about here) – but it does a wonderful job at illustrating the key point:  the convergence of evidence clearly supports evolution as a fact;  and using stories from a book as a counterpoint against such overwhelming evidence is just plain silly.

Evidence-for-evolution-bible-creationism-evidence-evolution1 small
The Evidence For and Against Evolution, from a Creationist.


Oh, but evolution is just a theory?  Well, as Richard Dawkins once said, “Evolution is just a theory?  Well, so is gravity but you don’t see people jumping out of buildings.

evolution a theory yeah right