Demetri Martin is a funny guy and acclaimed artist (…can’t confirm the second claim, but his drawings are pretty good at least).  RC Jones is an illustrator and draws funny bar graphs that help you figure out if something is cool or not.  They both also have books for sale, which, after previewing a few of our favorite drawings and graphs below, you can choose to own.

Drawings by Demetri Martin

Really in Love, by Demetri Martin.
Love, in love, and REALLY in love.


great wall of china demetri martin
Great Wall of China… and O.K. Wall of China.


self portrait from a distance demetri martin
A Self Portrait (from a distance).



pillow negotiations demetri martin
Pillow Negotiations


christean beach towel demetri martin
Christian Beach Towel.


pee sneeze disaster graph demetri martin
Intersection of two wave functions.


demetri martin bad luck
Bad Luck, visualized.


actual a hole demetri martin
An Actual A Hole.


improper fractions demetri martin
Improper Fraction and a VERY Improper Fraction.


Coolness Graphed

things to release at a wedding coolness graphed
Things to release at a wedding ceremony.

online disagreements graph coolness graphed
Ways to deal with people who disagree with you online.


oils used for cooking coolness graphed
Oils to use for cooking.


honking coolness graphed coolness graphed
When it’s appropriate to honk.


If you want more drawings and coolness graphs, you can find them on Amazon.  And for disclosure’s sake, if you choose to follow these links and purchase via Amazon, we’ll get a small piece of the action which will be used to keep the website running.