“To assert that the universe has a purpose implies the universe has intent. And intent implies a desired outcome. But who would do the desiring? And what would a desired outcome be? That carbon-based life is inevitable? Or that sentient primates are life’s neurological pinnacle? Are answers to these questions even possible without expressing a profound bias of human sentiment? Of course humans were not around to ask these questions for 99.9999% of cosmic history. So if the purpose of the universe was to create humans then the cosmos was embarrassingly inefficient about it.”   Neil DeGrasse Tyson


  • Sree Nair

    Does the universe has a purpose?
    That can be answered by a power beyond that.
    But relatively we can say that yes it has a purpose. Everything in this world, in this universe has a purpose. Nothing in this universe came without a purpose. What is that purpose of universe you may not know. Because it is beyond our comprehension.
    I have a dog. If you ask me Does the dog has any purpose? My answer is ..Yes ..I can list many purposes like it wards off thieves and unknown people,, it protects me.. it alerts me.. etc.etc.. If I have poultry.. my answer will be yes chicken gives me egg, meat etc. (Although If you ask chicken or Dog it will never say what I said.) Does a Nation has any purpose ? Yes it protects my unique identity, culture, language etc.etc. Does the earth has any purpose ..yes earthlings lives on earth. Moon has any purpose ? yes it has high influence on earthlings.. Does Sun has any purpose? DEFINITELY it has.. I can understand the purposes from a Earthling’s point of view only.. If some intelligent beings are there on any other planet in our solar system they may list the Sun’s purpose differently. So the universe has a purpose..It is beyond our comprehension.
    Now some Indian Philosophy :
    Kaaranabrahma (Unmanifested Reason) and Kaaryabrahma( manifested Reason) are two things. Upanishad Shanthi mantra says this:
    (Aum poorNamada: PoorNamida:..Ref. Isha Upanishad Shanti Mantra) meaning
    That is the absolute, this is the absolute;
    from the absolute, the absolute becomes manifest;
    when the absolute is added to or taken away from the absolute,
    the absolute remains.
    Om. Peace! Peace! Peace!
    Simply put this can be explained from 0 comes 0 .
    0 – 0 = 0

  • G.W. Bridge

    The purpose of the universe is beyond our comprehension. Religious thinking like that may make you feel good, but it encourages ignorance and superstition which can be dangerous.
    Human arrogance tells allows us to believe that everything exists to benefit us. Human fear of the unknown allows people to be satisfied with superstition, rather than just admit we don’t know, and maybe there is nothing, no deeper to be known.

  • Ronin

    I say it has a different purpose for everyone, and if you think hard about what I’m saying, you’ll see what I mean.