They have been known by many names throughout history. Creatures that prey on the blood or life-force of the living have frightened millions into locking doors and windows at night. Cultures around the globe each have their own depictions of these monsters, but most have come to know them as Vampires.  However, what led our ancestors to put so much faith in the creation of these beings?

1. Identification:  vampires are undead

Prior to current biological understanding, a corpse could show signs of “life” after death. Many misunderstood blood from the mouth and nose as being signs of the creature feeding.  The truth?  Gases from decomposition cause remaining fluids in the body to be forced out through any available orifice.

2. Teeth:  vampires have 2 longs canines to suck your blood

Elongated teeth after death were viewed as signs that the dead were rising from the grave to feed. The truth?  Receding of the gum-line and lips is a common occurrence of decomposition, which makes the teeth look like they have grown longer. This is also a sign of some forms of porphyria.

3. Fingernails:  vampires have long fingernails

Our ancestors viewed the growth of fingernails after death to be a sign of the dead manifesting claws. The truth?  As in teeth, decomposition causes the skin to recede from fingernails as well giving the illusion that the nails are growing.

4. Hunger:  vampires feed exclusively on blood

Cravings for blood in the early centuries could get one burned at the stake. However, cravings for a certain material is often a sign of a deficiency in our diets. The truth?  Those suffering from Iron-deficiency Porphyria could experience cravings for iron-rich foods – such as meat and blood.

5. Combustible:  vampires are burned by sunlight

As this has been embellished upon for hundreds of years, some are affected by sunlight, and this could cause severe irritations, rashes, and even burns.  The truth?  There are a variety of illnesses that affect people on a regular basis keeping them indoors at all times – such as forms of Porphyria.

6. Wooden Stakes:  vampires can be killed with a wooden stake through the heart

It is well known that the only way to truly kill the vampire is a wooden stake through the heart.  The truth?  Anything piercing your heart has a good chance of killing you.

7. Crosses:  vampires are sensitive to the crucifix

Prior to Christianity, crosses were unheard of which left humans without a means of deterring the vampire.  The truth?  After the creation of Christianity, vampires took on characteristics of the religion and were thus affected by a symbol of divine nature – such as the cross.

8. Shape-shifting:  vampires can can change their shape

Like werewolves, it’s thought that some vampires have been able to change shape and species at will. Versions of Dracula could shape-shift into a bat. The truth?  There has been no scientific documented evidence that anyone could shape-shift in this manner. Scientifically, you could not alter the mass of an object to be less than or greater than the current mass. At least, not without altering the density of the mass.

9. Reflections:  vampires do not reflect in a mirror

Your mirror won’t show you if a vampire is coming up from behind you.  The truth?  The only way to hide something from view in a mirror is to bend the reflection of light around the object – are we saying vampires have cloaking technology?

So, do vampires really exist?

Although these truths are present and conclusive, many will still believe in the undead who come back to drain the blood from unsuspecting victims. As pure belief is a strong driving force, facts are not always accepted by the masses. Accepted or not, it is hard to refute the data collected throughout history.

However, could the information collected just be reasoning behind some shred of actual vampirism that has stayed under the radar for thousands of years? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve placed an answer to a question we don’t understand.  Myths and legends, after all, pass through the ages for a reason…

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  1. i dont care at all..but i believe that vampire exists..everyone have their own thoughts…n in this world there r many things like y not vampires??God said that that He told things ..which he wanted to tell us but there r many things which we dont know… i things vampires exist…if not in this world then may be in another solar system

    • There’s no evidence to support god existing. And the idea of “vampires” were created by humans. So personally, no. I do not think vampires exist.

          • I think I used to be vampire… (not in exact meaning just writing something from my life )…
            I mean I’ve always had cold hands ;whether in summer or winter , always was the best in class in speed and most of in strenght too,
            when doctor wanted to take my blood he stabbed injection but nothing he had to wait about 2-3 minutes , always was white like a wall
            and I had always really good observation…

  2. …the stake through the heart thing is a myth, it does not kill them. Vampires have become more and more immune to sunlight over the years (twilight is the worst movie series ever) the crucifix…they are not sensitive to it, but its their ONLY weakness, but the only thing that can really kill them is dem silver bullets and god enhanced weapons…

  3. Look you say vamps can’t be in the sun. I’m a fullblood. But I walk in the sun I got babtised in holy water. I go to church I feast on anything red get mega headaches when in the sun eyes sometimes chnge colour when I get angry. And when I’m mad I want to bite. Sonething. One tip don’t giv your adress out. Vamps are good at tracking

    • I do believe on vampires strongly and i would dieee to be one! Mystery, u say u r a vampire how can u prove this? How can we know u are not just fooling around??

      • i think most people would die to become one
        but u would ‘die’ to drink blood for eternity?

        god i will never understand most people
        though i do think I’d take that option if it meant immortality

      • Yes maria i completely agree you,for not beliving mystery, n mystery one i know is vamps never reveal their identity publicaly like you

    • your body might just be suffering from porphyria or some other crap human bodies get. my body cannot handle sun/fluorescent light heat , my body is even sensitive to normal light, smells and food. so, if you really are what humans call a vampyr why would you tell it so openly on the internet? ever checked out The Vampire/Donor Alliance’s Dreambook webside? i wrote something on there as well

    • shit i wish i was a vampier becuz of the stuff dat vampiers can do sounds pretty cool. nd wen u guys talk abt twilight its not fault dat so many people believe in vamps

    • what u want to know more then do some research work because i dont think some chats or otherwise i can tell u what say???

  4. I do nt believe that vampires exist bt im open 2 any posibilities. If vampires exist then y don’t we know of any celebrity vampire who did not start as a myth? Also, really, how does one die n come back 2 life? Its crazy

  5. I don’t belive in any thing I can’t see accept for our God all mighty. If they exist why not show them selfs. We live in a sosiaty that is open to anything. If someone told me that he or she was part of the supernatural world, it does not change who the persone is, and what i think about them…

  6. I truly believe in vampire as their is no proof that they don’t exist. I would die to be on. And again vampires exists in people mind, fear, culture and maybe their identity who knows but TO BE VAMPIRES EXISTS AND NO ONE OR NO PROVES CAN CHANCE THAT TO ME…

  7. Vampires exist in people mind, culture, religion, believes, fear and/or in identity. I truly believe in vampires as there is no prove that vampires don’t exist and even if there is was a proof they don’t exist then it wouldn’t affect me and
    i think the proof wouldn’t affect vampire lovers mind also am i right or i am right

  8. bt how cn we bcom a vampire???is there any kind of mantras or anythng lik tht???tht if we spell it thn we’ll bcum vamp??hw cn we cal a vamp at our house?

    • you wanna call a leech to your house? seriously?
      u mad?

      you would call and invite a leech into your house and willingly let it bite u?

      i’d kill it b 4 it went 5 miles near me

  9. If u believe the fact that there are witches and wizards,demons and evil spirit existing why not vampires. The problem is you can’nt be able to figure them out ,they live among us, they are supernatunal beings. The mind can only speak what it have seen or done.

  10. There are also “psychic vampires” they live on the souls of others. A good example of a psychic vampire is an ugly old guy who calls himself “The Amazing Randi” he constantly needs new souls to suck the life out of.

    • same here
      i wish people wouldnt suck the fun outta the supernatural
      saying they dont exist and stuff its fun to hope they exist and its nice to escape our boring world with the thought of the supernatural

      • DO u really think the world is boring……………..then iam with u guys well from my point of view every thing was great but god gave us brain and we know the difference between real and myth

  11. According to me vampires are exist in this mysterious year ago i felt someone holding me tightly on my bed.perhaps a girl.i saw that she has big nail.and she tried to kill me.she entered her nail into my body.but when i waked up i cant find her.i told to my parents and my friends.they all laugh on me.they thought that i am lier.but its true.As u believe on should believe on vampire,ghost,demon,angel,spirit are bound to believe on supernatural power of nature.

    • i believe you. had similar things happening to me. not sure who or what it was though that was in my bedroom with me. it would be great if supernatural lifeforms would still exist here. would make life her a lot more interesting.

      • i dont know wt 2 beileve but i think a lttl tht they exist…….
        i jst wanna know abt those things……..
        if there is god there is demon ……………

    • yeah!! same!! one day i was dreaming about being bitten and when I woke up I saw that I had scars all over my hand!! i thought that i did it to my self…..but i didnt have long nails or something….

  12. Why are humans so curious of the danger that they can come within feet of? Why are you people so pressed on knowing about a being, that frankly, you should not know? I come to different forums, websites, etc, to tell you not to search for, or attempt to hunt down a Vampire. im only telling you this for your own good. Curiosity will be the death of you if you do not listen to my words, trust me. I’ve been converted, I’ve been through the horrific process of becoming what I now have grown to hate. The bite will not feel good, the sensation of blood-thirst is horrendous, and most of all, the need to kill for survival and health, is the worst feeling. If you ever run into a mysterious person at night, or possily even in the day, Trust me, do not confront, or associate with them. Everything I say is true, but of course, mere humans, will skepticize the possibility of my own kind to exist. This earth has changed so much. People never used to question the facts as much as you do now. But for the skeptics, your always the first to go. Remember my words, they will keep you alive.

    -Xandrea Veron

    • i have read about humans like you too. who claim to be something they are not. i wish so much supernatural life forms would still exist here in this time but i only come across bloody humans. would be fantastic if vampyrs would be here . i would give them a helping hand in destroying homo sapiens. lets say for the sake of the argument that it would be true your claim to be non human. why would you advertise it idiot. and why do you complain everyone who could have a young healthy strong immortal body should be forever grateful and shut the fuck up. even if you have to drink blood so what. never heard a black panther cry out in despair because it has to kill to stay strong an survive. gosh go to helmeimr and stay there. while you are at it take the rest of your fucking humans with you

      • Isahla, I highly doubt your of the Lamia race. Your language and grammar is vexatious, your knowledge of such topic, is horrendous, as I can see. Humans are not a problem for me, I find them quite useful.
        As for you, Hellfire, your skepticism will be your fatal end, I know this, because I have had “friends”…that didn’t come through to the end. And as for proof? What kind of proof would you be looking for? You couldn’t handle the truth, not this kind of truth. The truth is what will deteriorate the human race. If you saw me, as I am now, you see what you see in every other human. If you saw me when I am hunting, you would most likely faint, or even die. As I have said, the truth, is what will deteriorate the human race. Stop searching, you will not find pleasant things.

        • hey you #$%#$%& where does it say anywhere that i claim to be lamia whatever this is. i am just stating a fact that you humans should be destroyed for being rapists torturers and destroyers. you already plan on destroying things you have not even come across yet. and for the record i can handle the truth more then anything and if i would see you kill another human i would feel good. every time i hear that finally humans died it makes me feel better. bloede shweine sau arshloch mensh wenigstens kann ich dich in 2 sprachen beleidigen . what has my grammar or spelling to do with anything. i think talk and understand things different, then you bloody humans. verfluche dich und all menschen, sollt ihr alle im helheims shmoren und elendig vergehen. stop lying , nothing pisses me of more then these fucking lies you humans come up with. and again i never claimed nor will i ever claim to be something like you @#$$%^$% are

          • I hope you realize, your embarrasing yourself tremendously. You claim to be non-human, but in all reality, your just a pathetic teenager wishing to be more. That will never happen, your not to be like me, or like any others. Your to be a pathetic wishful human.

            • wrong @#$# head you are embarrassing yourself. of course i am not like you i am way better and i am not a liar. die horribly. get disease and all the horror and torture you #$%^%$% fellow humans doing to my body. trapping me here using me enjoying it how much you all torture my body. die die die die die die die die horribly. now @#$# off wanker curse you all

            • him embarrasing himself?
              you’re kidding right?
              have you looked in the mirror lately
              hes just swearing and cursing at you
              your the one embarrasing yourself

              • hi there. i am a female and you are right i am just cursing and swearing because i have had enough of hearing and reading so much crap about and i quote” i am a vampyr or i am a werewolf etc. i drink blood. it is so horrible , i am a monster. i can kill you, i am so scary, blah blah blah. and of course no one ever proofs anything. just talk. if these things would be true and they would be drinking blood to stay alive and supposedly be healthy fit and strong forever then why would you complain about that. i would give anything and everything for a healthy strong immortal body. i know it will never happen and just wish nowadays for a quick end but that’s just wishful thinking. well, have a nice night

          • You actually made me laugh a little. Your just a pesky human, that thinks he’s more. Your nothing, your less than me, your less than your own race, in saying your more, but really, all you are is a human that thinks he can over-power someone on the internet. You know, Germany isn’t too far for one like me, I might just make a visit there, so watch your back. Have a nice day, I’m moving on to other forums.

            • you are the human. I AM better because i would never rape anyone or anything. and by the way i do not live in Germany nor am i a male. isahla is not a male name, yeah move on big fat liar. so funny trying to tell me lies like you would kill and my body would faint hahahahahaha. bring it on arshloch i have to live in Australia in Melbourne so if you are here come by pimmel sucker . now move on and leave me be. i will find you. you cannot stay awake forever bwuahahahaha

          • I think we all know, your lying. Your such a mad being, why are you so angry? Have I provoked you? Good, I find I do that best. Your obviously not australian, even they would know how to spell, and use correct grammar. Your not familiar with these things as we can see. Fun talking to you, now go, and don’t reply.

            • of course i am not $%^$%^ australien. you do not even read my comments properly, moron. you said you are going to go and yet here you are still replying. i have the right to be angry. you have taken everything else away. learn to write yourself arshlochsau. this is so typical human behaviour judging someone by the way they look or write. want to have all my problems here you have them. lets see how you would be. and for the record like i said in my first comment i never claimed to be anything at all nor did i ever claim that vampyrs or any supernatural life exists here. this is not real. has never been just something humans made up because they do not want to admit that they are the ones who do all those horrible things. makes one wish movies like day after tomorrow would really be happening. now for fuck sake leave me alone. you started this and i am ending it now. i never attacked you at all . you are the one who insulted and attacked me.

            • @Xandrea Veron
              why cant you just admit it?
              you’re a lyer a fraud a moron,
              you never got bit by a leech
              you would’ve died form it, and what parasite in their right mind would just randomly blurt out they’re a vampire.
              your just a dumb ignorant idiot.
              you’re just saying that ur a bloodsucking parasite to get attention
              well you got it but its probably not the kind you wanted was it?

        • who the heck said i was searching for anything?

          ohhh “it will be my fatal ending” am i meant to be scared or do i laugh
          still i dont believe you
          why in the name of the devil would you let a freakin leech bite you? thats just plain dumb
          i would’ve clubbed it with a tyre iron honestly i know some pretty
          dumb people but you cannot get more dumb than to let a leech
          bite you

          and honestly i do have a pretty strong stomach
          pretty sure i wouldnt faint at a leech hunting
          mainly coz it would be knocked out

  13. I’ll have to admit, I believe in the possibility. According to evidence on videos, history books, ghosts and demons exist. A vampire is a form of a demon so I feels its a possibility.

    And for the people who wonders why vampires haven’t came out, I honestly don’t blame them.
    They probably abide by laws, and who knows? They may be on another planet, unknown country, state, city, anything.

    And yeah, if you were a vampire…you would not be letting your identity out over the web, now would you? Don’t pretend….there’s no point. If you’re not a vampire, don’t jinx it. They’ll find you………

  14. maybe they are out there maybe not who knows??what earlier was considered magic has now turned into science,we all wanna believe in something more something other than what meets the eye..we all want to think and give wings to our imagination.. reality and truth are two very different things what today can be explained by science was earlier never thought about
    our world has evolved and with it our various cultures but who dosent love a good mystery..something that might just be its the same for vampires.. my wishfull thinking hopes they might exist juss too add a bit to the imagination but the brain which sees reality does not agree..
    soo if it keeps you happy then vampires exist and if the thought gives you creeps then they dont… after all its all up to you what you want to believe… rest whoknows 😉

    • Some call them Professional Pseudo Skeptics such as James Randi others of a similar psychic vampire tribe are called Demoncrats.

  15. you ppl who are wishing for these things need to relax. take a step back and think before you post these sort of comments on the internet. yes,there is evil out there………crazy things, but can’t you see that all these creatures are commercialised by movies and entertainment etc? the truth about these creatures are that they are evil and reviled throughout. they make them look interesting and sexy but they arn’t.

    • Right on the money, Listen up. As I’m watching Let the Right One In, I saw Oskar give Eli the Rubik’s cube and it reminded me of a scene from another movie in which it was mentioned that vampires are fascinated with puzzles. Curiosity got the best of me and I tried to remember what movie it was from but couldn’t think of it so I took to the net. I ran across this website, read most of these posts and it occurred to me, again, how delusional, mislead and cruel some people are. I enjoy watching/reading fiction, and Vampires, as portrayed in movies, True Blood and Anne Rice novels are just that, fiction. Make no mistake, in time (probably less than 80 years in most cases), everyone posting on this website will be dead or on their deathbeds. For people to get so angry at one another over who is a “real” vampire is ridiculous. Think about it. There are actually people sitting behind their keyboards cursing at and insulting people they never met over a fantasy. Maybe some folks should watch old reruns of Touched by An Angel or Highway to Heaven so they can remember what it’s like to treat people with compassion and respect.

    • I agree because many people say that Vampires do not exist but they may because we would not see them because they have a barrel where its protecting the house and its invisible and the invisible barrel protects the house and makes the house invisible too. If you see this video all the way till number 25
      you will see what im talking about and vampires only come out at night only the vampires that are called “un-vampires” do not have the effect as the same way as the “real vampire” the un-vampire can go in sunlight does not burn in sun and can live without darkness or sucking blood they will also be able to live im in the human world. But they can be killed with a wooden stake through the heart. Do never trust a vampire with a human maybe just maybe in the future we could live in a world were vampires and humans do not kill each other. and there will be a total peace between humans and vampires we could live together. But as long as vampires exist vampire hunters will exist that’s a bad thing for vampires.

  16. A human dies for a reason,simply because the inability of the body to retain life.Old age or an accident or whatever maybe the reason for death,deforms the body in a way that the usual procedure to carry out the living process is hindered. The mind or in general terms the soul which is in an energetic form leaves this broken system,and its considered a possibility that the soul could reenter the body in a rare case where the body comes to the original functioning position which once had been distorted. For an example say a cerebral artery blocks due to a clot,and the brain fails where the person literally dies,and an external force of some sort, within a considerably short period of time gets the blood to flow again,which enables the life to persist once again. And speaking of the existence of Vampires, if you keep the word “dead” and “immortal” aside the possibility of such a life form existing will have to be taken into account. why? Because either ur dead,or alive. A dead body doesnt have the ability to function, so lets assume that the vampire is alive and in a full functioning state. We know the vampire acquires a human body so obviously he isnt immortal because the human body has a limit of being able to function,this limit is known as old age unless the physical nature of the body is changed to a state where life could retain for a longer period than the usual. Origin of a vampiristic condition in a well,living & functioning body could be in uncountable number of ways. ex: through a virus, a mental disorder ,a cannibalistic cultural background etc etc. I do not believe in this typical, traditional and mythical sort of a creature, but in an altered version of a vampire which is only a condition experienced by an individual and at the worst, a contagious condition, but only another possibility.

  17. Failed magician James Randi is proof vampires exist, he is a psychic vampire and sucks psychic life from hie followers who are so zombified they have no idea what is happening to them.

  18. vampires do not exist they are myths they are fake and god is real so who ever thought that god wasnt real you better get your shit strait

    • I dont think u had ur shit straight when u started believing in God. Its simply cuz of ur birth given religion, or cuz something extraordinary happened in ur life that got u to believe in him. Similar to the ancient man who believed that the sun was God because it took the nights cold,and lightened the day which was extraordinary to them. I wouldnt say God doesnt exist because there always is a possibility,but u seem to be so certain. Existence of a God is in the close proximity of the possibility of existence of vampires cuz both these concepts came to origin from a society.

    • if u believe in Christ or other shit your life is destoyied by believing at a guy that does not exist . They are lying to all of us to make us pay at the churches and they will earn money and the second thing is to control us to do not start a rebellution against our leaders because as the laws of the “Christ” were saying: do not kill and do not steal . they are doing this to fuck up the world.And if u want my opinion yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees he vamps really exist because the count dracula and because in the old times sorcery existed!

  19. I truely believe that vampire exist and they are one us but its just that we need to find them because they cannot hide themselve from us …….thats what I believe and if they really exist then I would die to be one them and would love to meet them…….

  20. Hey Guys…… I think that vampire doesn’t exist bcz if they exist we wont exist vampire will kill us and if they exist they wont b in this Earth maybe in other planet or other sky bcz there is 7 sky and It is true that God(ALLAH) has tell us about Ghost or something like that but why not about vampire bcz he wont want and if we know the truth we will be not longer in this planet so just close this topic and Twilight Saga is not a awful movie its a super hit movie


  21. What bull! But if they exist i believe it would help in controlling human population. Seriously we are a plague killing an inhabitable planet. We deserve to go extinct.

  22. I do not believe vampires exist although as a child i did. my belief then was based completely on a movie i had watched,and i was scared out of my mind for months after! vampires have been a must in horror films as people seem to find the idea of becoming a vampire somewhat charming and i imagine the idea of having a secret life appeals to some of people. Vampires are here to stay,so the debate continues…

  23. vampires dont exist…..i believe in vampire bats but not human vampires…………….they simply dont exist and if they do…………………….not in this lifetime……..

  24. Yes, thier are many things that can prove that vampires are real but can we think about it if many person has died because they are being distacted vampires are like a rat if you try to kill it and you didn`t kill it, it will make a revenge…

    resting,hiding and trying to control yourself is you are being out of control is hard so you hide so you cant hurt any person

  25. Acc. 2 me the above mentioned article seems to be totally scientific which most of us would agree.
    This is bcause for us, if science is right then everything is right . But i still do believe in the fact of ,” If i can see it , touch it then it is real.” ……


  27. i don’t know whether im right or wrong but i think vampy u must be careful because if vampires really exists then they r not like the ones in the movie twilight they can be much more diffrent .well pls dont think me wrong iam just telling u the truth

  28. I feel lost in this world. My only hope is there is real vampires and that I would fine some way to join them. Walking through this haze knowing yet not belonging. I have been waiting to long.

  29. Vampires is not at all like in the movies or books. Sure, I understand. You are young; you have the whole world open to you. You can be anything that you choose if you apply yourself and try hard to work toward that goal. But being a vampire is not what it seems like. It’s a life full of good, and amazing things. We are as human as you are.. It’s not what you are that counts, but how you choose to be. Do you want a life full of interesting things? Do you want to have power and influence over others? To be charming and desirable? To have wealth, health, and longevity? contact the vampires creed today via email, vampirescreed11 @ hotmail. com or call +23464210522

  30. How do you know if you’re a vampire? Me, I believe I’ve lived many lives. I don’t have any magical powers. I don’t drink blood. What I believe a vampire is is pure evil. The Devil incarnate. Was Jesus a vampire? Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. (John 6:54) My favorite; has vampire written all over it.

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  32. Vampires do exist in other solar systems and they roam Earth too in secret. I know this because the Devil has targeted me because I cracked an online matrix and brought vampires and werewolves(in spaceships) to Earth along with the Norse God Thor who came to my aid. I chose not to leave Earth though because I didn’t want to leave my family.

    It was however the worst decision I ever made. Now I live life as a hermit as I can’t work as the devil will mess that up and make me homeless(where it would be easy for me to go missing(vampire/devil lunch)). I can’t go out late at night as the devil or vampires will look to kill me coming home in the early hours(again going missing) and to top it off no one understands and thinks I am crazy.

    Its a constant game of cat and mouse. My only hope is that the Norse gods haven’t deserted me completely. I’m constantly looking for answers to my problem (the devil) and not finding any.

  33. I have always had dreams of being a vampire since I was little and being able to move objects with my mind, that would be awesome! I have been having some weird heath problems lately and also anemia/ iron deficiency, if becoming a vampire could take all the pain from my body I would do it in a heartbeat, I’ve always had a sort of fascination with vampire movies. And I personally live the twilight movies.. although I know it’s probably not the same..

  34. I beleive vampires 2000% and i beleive them 2000%

    i want to become a one plz i now the rules and plz some onewho seeing this plz help me!


  35. i want to be a vampire as well, but will i be able to walk in daylight…… i wish someone would help me become a vampire…. i would love the experience….

  36. Wow !!! I will love being a vampire !!! I thought that i was the only one mad about vampires but i see there are lots of people that beleive in them !!!! Truly a surprise i will loveeee to be a vampire so plz help me plz !!!

  37. If they are really there than they never would show themselve? I believe in them but no evidence ya know but there2 worlds ours en theres so maybe we shouldn’t mix them up and leave things how they are maybe we only get trouble

  38. i believe them whit the hearth and know vampire see your hearth and if you do look appareance you will never….become a vampire and that probly the reason why your not one. sorry bad English i am from Transylvania.

  39. oh and yes If i do get better words … for writh it cause my Eng is so bad i will do a book for it haha its so long to explain

  40. Go to a freak show, steal a vampire’s spider, have the spider crawl on one of your friends, have the spider bite your friend after your sister runs into your bedroom screaming, have them almost die, and try to reverse the poison of the spider from an antidote the vampire has, have the friend think you betrayed them when you didn’t. Then, the vampire will blood you (Darren Shan’s term) by stabbing you in the fingers and tasting your blood. If you have good blood, then you’ve become a vampire. If you have bad blood, you better forget about it. And, you must be an adult if you want to be blooded, or the vampire that blooded you will get in trouble with the Vampire Generals. This is how Darren Shan, the character, became a half vampire. Having ten scars on your fingers will prove that you’re a vampire. You can also heal cuts with your saliva.

    • Can I ask you something?
      What do you want be a vampire and do ever seen them in u r real life or u just seen in movie and to want to be vamp?

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  42. do you vampy believers really think that they exist. And if so i swear to god that they r not friendly as shown in twilight movie.

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  43. I really believe that vampires exist because how else would we know the name? yeah okay you can say that people made it up. But I don’t that people would made something like this up if they were really frightened.

    • My parents believe there are vampires, and so do I, and my parents trained me to identify vampires, and if they seam a threat, hunt them. There is one such guy at my school right now. Don’t believe me? I will list all the common symptoms of a vampire.
      They are nocturnal
      They are stronger and faster than humans
      They have enhanced senses
      They are sensitive to sunlight

      This dude, (his name is Richard) is a bona fide vampire, and he is a threat. I know this cause he and his elder sister (her name is Cecily) have malevolent vibes coming off of them. Any advice of how to deal with them?

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  46. Vampires….Hmmm…
    People actually don’t know abt them so much. Whatever we see on sites, read on articles…. 30% is wrong…
    They actually can go outside direct in the sun but the only problem they face is that they can’t see clearly during the day period. But they don’t burn in the sunlight…. THEY ARE NOT THE ENEMY OF MANKIND.

  47. This story tells how it happens. My Soulmate, The Moon: Science of the Vampire- on Amazon. It’s not something that happens overnight, or magically. It explains the science of it and the origin of the vampire. Actually very interesting and plausible.

  48. hi I mite be a vampire because I never go out during the day and I have long nails and sharp font and back teeth and I accidently bite my mate at school twice

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  51. You really need to stop spreading the stake myth.
    The stake merely immobilizes them. The only ways to really kil a vampire are to cut off the head or completely burn the body.

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  53. The stake through the heart wasn’t to kill the vampires (except in movies) the stake was simply to secure the undead to their coffins- it went through the heart and into the coffin base. Often they would also cut off their heads, sew their lips together- sometimes with the mouths stuffed with rocks) and even place the head between their legs. It’s worth noting that these things will kill anyone.

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