The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor to describe people who have died in the most stupid and ridiculous ways. From juggling hand grenades to cutting one’s own head off in a macho competition, these individuals have found a way to die in a fashion no person of remotely sound intellect would do. Though such acts have been committed by humanity for eons, the Darwin Awards have recently begun to index these incidents.

The Darwin Awards gets its name from a series of books coined by Wendy Northcutt, a scientist who specialized in the bioengineering and biotech industry. These individuals have “honorably” removed themselves from the human gene pool via their stupidity or lack of common sense, thus improving the evolution and natural selection of the gene pool. There are five criteria for the Darwin award: the event must be verified, the person must be of legal driving age and free of mental handicaps, the individual cannot further reproduce in any way, the cause of demise or sterility must be of the person’s own doing, and the individual must show astoundingly stupid judgement.

From: Best Nursing Masters