• Optical Illusions:  How Our Eyes Trick Our Brains

    Optical Illusions: How Our Eyes Trick Our Brains0

    Over 50% of the cortex, the large outer layer of the brain, is devoted to vision.  Optical illusions illustrate that the mind makes assumptions about the world – it is the final arbiter of what the eyes see.  This gifographic covers optical illusions from primitive forms starting with the Ancient Greeks in 350BC, to 21st

  • How does hibernation work?

    How does hibernation work?0

    With autumn approaching, many animals in the northern hemisphere are stocking their fat reserves to make it through winter hibernation. Hibernation is a near suspension of body functions and metabolism, and is different to sleep.  It allows animals to save energy during times when food is scarce.  Different animals produce a hibernation-specific protein at certain times

  • Famous Symbols and their Hidden Meanings!

    Famous Symbols and their Hidden Meanings!1

    Famous Symbols And Their Hidden Meanings Imagery is everywhere. Famous symbols have long surrounded human beings for various reasons. Growing up surrounded by symbolism, we have adapted to understand their different meanings. Some are simple. Such as traffic symbols. Others are a cultural representation, such as the cross or Star of David. Others represent worldwide


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