• The Origin Stories of Everyday Products

    The Origin Stories of Everyday Products0

    Product development can take years of research and careful planning.  Other times, product discovery and innovation happens completely randomly and by accident.  This is particularly true for the products below, which many of us probably take for granted. Here are their origin stories. Penicillin Mid-way through an experiment involving bacteria, Alexander Fleming decided to go

  • Sleep Deprivation Causing Health Issues

    Sleep Deprivation Causing Health Issues0

    Sleep Deprivation in our society is common because the idea to produce efficiently and quickly (for our jobs) requires little sleep. Our Busy Lives Force Us to Stay Awake Daily Times Our jobs push us to stay awake and live on little sleep. Culturally, sleep is not a priority compared to how we are expected

  • 11 Clever Jokes for the Intellectually Elite

    11 Clever Jokes for the Intellectually Elite0

    Yes, these are some pretty clever jokes, but they’re not just for the intellectually elite.  We’re sure that some undergrads, a few people with a Masters degree, and a handful of Ph.D candidates might get them too. You know, the common folk. For the rest of us – the intellectually elite – please enjoy.  


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