• Autism: Hypersensitivity and Auditory Function

    Autism: Hypersensitivity and Auditory Function0

    Autism is a neurological disorder that affects all the senses. However, hearing (as one of our senses) is especially affected because autism specifically targets the ears.  Sound is altered with this disorder. Understanding the Anatomy of the Inner Ear Hypersensitivity can affect children to the point that even quiet sounds can be disruptive to neurological

  • The Five A.M. Wake: Beneficial or Exhausting

    The Five A.M. Wake: Beneficial or Exhausting0

    More time means more productivity. Have you ever wondered how to fit enough time in your day to get everything accomplished? Changing Time and Changing Your Morning If you have a busy job or your own business, it’s hard enough to wake up to an alarm clock.  The stress rises when time is cut in

  • Camille Heron: Surpassed Expectations of Distance Running

    Camille Heron: Surpassed Expectations of Distance Running0

    Throughout the years women are getting stronger in long-distance running. Research was conducted to see why women are surpassing men in long-distance running. Are Women Better Equipped Physically: What Does Research Say?  A greater fatigue in the quadriceps and in the calves for males suggested that differential fatigue between the sexes occurs at the muscle level. In

  • Food Contamination: Food vs. Product

    Food Contamination: Food vs. Product0

    As we sit down to enjoy our favorite salad, we do not know that it is tainted with E. coli. Beware of Lettuce For so many years, different leafy, green vegetables have been recalled from being contaminated with E. coli.  Packaged green salad had bacteria in them, packaged spinach was contaminated, and romaine has been

  • Jim Allison, the Immunotherapy Breakthrough Genius

    Jim Allison, the Immunotherapy Breakthrough Genius0

    Cancer, as we know it, ravages through a person’s body and spreads. Unless cancer is caught early, it spreads to other organs left untreated. Cancer: The Menace What is cancer? Cancer occurs within the body when cells keep dividing and overdeveloping. The immune system is compromised when cancer attacks.  Cancer can weaken the immune system

  • Exercising the Body Equals Exercising the Brain

    Exercising the Body Equals Exercising the Brain0

    In our society, we are searching for ways to make us smarter, happier, and stress-free. Have you ever heard that listening to classical music makes you smarter or more relaxed? Stress-Free Life Have you ever heard that reading classical books makes you smarter or keeping organized lists will make you happier because the organization will reduce stress? Being happy


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