• Evolution of the Giraffe’s Long Neck [comic]

    Evolution of the Giraffe’s Long Neck [comic]1

    Understanding The Evolution Of The Giraffe And Its Neck The giraffe has long been the subject of evolution. This is mainly due to its excessively long neck. Even though they only have seven vertebrae, they still boast the longest neck out there amidst land animals. But why was the giraffe the topic of evolution for

  • McDonalds Offers More than a Six-Piece Box of Chicken McNuggets

    McDonalds Offers More than a Six-Piece Box of Chicken McNuggets0

    McDonalds, one of the largest franchise fast food restaurants, is offering more than just its usual selection. You can now enjoy more of Chicken McNuggets. Mcdonalds has a new idea that will be launched soon.   The Chicken McNuggets Magic Addiction Chicken McNuggets originally comes in a four-piece or six-piece side to your Mcdonald’s burger. Who can

  • Puzzle:  What fraction is shaded?

    Puzzle: What fraction is shaded?0

    There’s nothing like a great geometry puzzle to get the Internet into a frenzy.  Ed Southall, author of “Geometry Snacks,” shared a photo of a pink triangle inside of a square and challenged people to figure out how much of the square is shaded pink. Here’s the puzzle: What fraction is shaded? The Solution: According


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