• A Solution to Fermi’s Paradox?

    A Solution to Fermi’s Paradox?1

    This article was written by Jim Walker at NoBeliefs.com.  It is reproduced with his permission.  We think you’ll enjoy his take on the Fermi Paradox, a subject we’ve covered a number of times. Fermi’s paradox comes from an argument made by the physicist Enrico Fermi and the astrophysicist Michael H. Hart. The paradox states that

  • What’s the difference between a meteor and meteorite?

    What’s the difference between a meteor and meteorite?0

    What’s the difference between a comet, meteor, meteorite, and an asteroid? What’s that in the sky?  Sometimes it’s a bird, other times it’s a plane… and yet other times it’s a meteor.  But meteor terminology can be confusing, so let’s break it down with the help from the American Meteor Society and their handy infographic:

  • How to Get Your Kids Into Astronomy on a Budget

    How to Get Your Kids Into Astronomy on a Budget0

    Astronomy captures the imagination of young and old with its mysteriousness and beauty. There is nothing quite like watching a child look through a telescope for the first time, marveling at the rings of Saturn or the moons of Jupiter. As with many children, astronomy can be a phase that can last as short as


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