• Women and Men: Differences in the Brain

    Women and Men: Differences in the Brain0

    There has been many studies done on the intelligence of women and men.  Are men more intelligent? Are women more intelligent? Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus was a book that was written to understand the human workings of men and women. Scientific Differences Are men’s and women’s brains different? Some people say that

  • Holiday Music Can Cause Stress Vs. Uplifting Feelings0

    When something is overplayed or repeated, it’s tiresome to the ears.  The holiday season encounters a bad habit of playing the same music wherever you go. Holiday Music Turns Annoying There is a sense of stress already during the holiday season. Holiday music can be very enjoyable, but when something pleasant becomes annoying, as it is heard everywhere you

  • Optical Illusions:  How Our Eyes Trick Our Brains

    Optical Illusions: How Our Eyes Trick Our Brains0

    Over 50% of the cortex, the large outer layer of the brain, is devoted to vision.  Optical illusions illustrate that the mind makes assumptions about the world – it is the final arbiter of what the eyes see.  This gifographic covers optical illusions from primitive forms starting with the Ancient Greeks in 350BC, to 21st