• How European Countries got their Names

    How European Countries got their Names0

    Ever wondered where your country’s name originated, or perhaps your favorite holiday destination? From Albania to Vatican City and everything in between, this infographic reveals the origins of European country names. For example, Belgium is named after the Belgae, tribes who lived between the Rivers Rhine and Loire in Roman times.  And Norway’s name means

  • The Strangest British Pubs

    The Strangest British Pubs0

    03We skeptics like to drink, and a trip to GB just isn’t the same without a nice pint in a genuine British pub. Though many have recently closed down, there still remains over 50,000 pubs spread throughout Britain. Indulge in the ups and downs of live sport on flat-screen televisions and have an entertaining night

  • The Ancient Roots of Gambling

    The Ancient Roots of Gambling0

    When gambling or casinos are mentioned, the image that springs to mind is one of bright lights, vibrant color, and easy thrills. However, gambling actually belongs to an ancient tradition, and has passed through many incarnations throughout history. When one considers the fundamental premise of gambling, this is hardly surprising. Putting one’s fate into the


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