Cancer is a word that puts fear into the hearts of even the bravest of individuals because it can, and often does, kill people. Unfortunately, the knowledge that there’s no definite cure has left the door open for snake oil merchants, along with well-meaning ‘helpful’ folk who now offer a plethora of untested and potentially harmful treatments that are said to be able to defeat this deadly disease.

The intention of some alternative therapists is to be genuinely caring. Other people who offer New Age treatments and unusual methods that they claim cure cancer have only their bank balance at heart. Nonetheless, any supposed alternative treatment that claims to cure cancer and dissuades people who have the disease to forgo traditional treatment has the potential to be as deadly as the disease. Rejecting medical treatment supplied by professionals in favor of adopting a grape only diet when you have cancer could result in an untimely demise.

That’s why it’s so important to know that there are many cancer cure myths.  Here are three of them:


Shark Cartilage

Sharks, like cancer, have often been misunderstood by the masses. Not all sharks are killing machines and there is no pill that you can pop to cure cancer, even if it’s made from shark cartilage. The idea that part of a shark could treat cancer probably sprung from a book that suggested that this was so. However, specialists in the medical field advise that trials observing the results of cartilage that has been injected straight into cancer tumors need to be made before it is even considered a potential remedy. The idea that a pill could possibly do the job isn’t even deliberated upon. Cancer is an aggressive disease rather than a gentle malady and needs an equally ferocious cure that actually reaches a tumor instead of going in another direction.

shark cartilage

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can certainly help cancer patients cope better with conventional treatment and the trauma that accompanies having the disease. However, wishing cancer away and thinking about sunshine and birdsong will not dispense with cancer. It’s believed that using positive thinking alongside conventional treatment, as a complementary therapy, is worthwhile, but not that it can successfully be substituted for tried and tested treatments.

positive thinking


Orgone Energy

Orgone, or life-force power is claimed to be able to alter negative energy. Apparently, orgone can be purchased in the form of anything from a pendant or pyramid to a box that you can sit in. Should you buy a pyramid you will discover that it is made from resin, quartz, copper wire and gemstones. Who would have thought that life’s ailments, from blocked chakras to cancer could be cured by purchasing such a simple device? Not a qualified doctor, that’s for sure.

orgone energy

Many other alternative treatments are supposed to cure cancer. Sadly, there is no proof that they can kick cancer to the curb. Massage, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, counseling and a great deal of other therapies that make you feel good could make living with cancer easier. Used alone they could prevent you from seeking conventional treatment that could work.


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