Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two prime occasions to scam consumers.  With massive advertising and marketing pushes, online purchases spike… and scammers take full advantage of consumers who are looking for a great deal online.

Scammers often  focus on hot keywords in search engines to maximize the number of potential victims.  Keywords such as “toys”, “jewelry”, and “electronics”  have been used to lead consumers to fake sites where they might accidentally install malware on their computer.  Or, worse yet, they’d make a financial transaction, only to have their bank account compromised.  Security experts discovered “polluted” results in most search engine results during previous Cyber Monday or Black Friday holidays.  Other malicious links included “Walmart Black Friday sales”, “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.

So, be careful where you click – buy from sites you know and trust.  Check out the infographic below for a few other ways to protect yourself during Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Beware of Cyber Monday hacks and scams!

Source:  CouponAudit