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  • Puzzle:  What fraction is shaded?

    Puzzle: What fraction is shaded?0

    There’s nothing like a great geometry puzzle to get the Internet into a frenzy.  Ed Southall, author of “Geometry Snacks,” shared a photo of a pink triangle inside of a square and challenged people to figure out how much of the square is shaded pink. Here’s the puzzle: What fraction is shaded? The Solution: According

  • The Greatest Marketing Scams of All Time

    The Greatest Marketing Scams of All Time0

    Many of us are too young to recall what Newsweek once called “one of the most ridiculously successful marketing schemes,” of all time, which was what inventor Gary Dahl entitled the Pet Rock., This insanely popular and completely useless product was purchased by millions of people back in the seventies. It sold for $3.95 and


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