Quick, before scrolling down and reading further, answer these two questions:  What is your favorite day of the week?  What is your favorite month?  The Washington Posts’ Wonkblog shared the results of a 2005 Gallup poll which revealed America’s choices.

According to the poll, Friday is the clear favorite day of the week, followed closely by Saturday and Sunday.  The weekend days are not surprising, but it’s interesting to see that Friday is ahead of Saturday.  Perhaps the anticipation of the weekend outweighs the weekend itself?  Personally, I would put Saturday first, then Sunday, and then Friday.  The other days of the week are equally terrible (though maybe Thursday is the best of them since it’s close to Friday).

favorite day of the week

America’s Favorite Months

Since at least 1960, May  has been America’s favorite month of the year.  It’s probably safe to assume that it’s true for 2015 as well.  The question is – why?  Is it the anticipation of summer or the fact that winter is officially over?  Perhaps a combination of the two or something else?  The most noticeable increase in the rankings is the month of December:  jumping from 8th to 4th place.  Why?  Are marketers doing a better job of making the holiday season more exciting and fun?

As a Canadian, my top 3 are May, June, and July.  Winter is nice for the month of December.  After that, it’s just irritating.  At the bottom of the list, I have January (really far from spring), February (far from spring), and November (winter is coming…).

favorite months 1960 compared to 2005