My latest trip to the cottage, located near Haliburton, Ontario, yielded a handful of images of various insects. Unfortunately, except for the carpenter ants (which I am very familiar with, as I lay siege to their nest in my home), I cannot positively identify these critters. Any help in their identification would be greatly appreciated. Click on the image to see it in full size.

Below, dozens of carpenter ants were found busy at work, removing grains of wood from a railroad tie. They would disappear into the hole, return to the exit, and then drop a small piece of wood onto a tiny pile.

carpenter ants

This looks like it’s related to a dragonfly…


The exoskeleton shed from an insect coming out of nymph phase. Note the webbed wings… this guys is the stuff of nightmares.

dragonfly exoskeleton

While wiping my glasses, this green insect clinged to my lens. I snapped a shot just before he flew away.

bug on glasses

A moth, dead on the window screen of the cottage.


All images copyright Bill Litshauer, 2010.


  1. Nice shots!

    Looks like you've got a robber fly, some kind of lacewing and the moth is likely something from the Noctuidae family, but it's hard to identify to the species level. This lady ( could probably do it if you were really interested.

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