According to ‘experts’ in such matters, disembodied spirits can become trapped (or choose to stay) in a particular location on this mortal plane. Occasionally, it is claimed, these spirits become bound to cursed or sentimental objects, causing these objects to behave strangely or inflict harm on the living.

Strangely enough, the spirits always seem to choose to haunt objects that are already really, really creepy to begin with…

The Haunted Annabelle Doll


Annabelle’s owners, who purchased the doll in 1970, believed this particular Raggedy-Ann doll to be possessed by the spirit of a child. They claimed she would often move about on her own (when they weren’t looking, of course) and would often be found standing upright in a different room from the one they’d left her in. Alarmed at this behavior, which is atypical of inanimate objects, the owners consulted a medium and held a séance. The medium determined that the doll was, in fact, possessed by the spirit of a child named Annabelle.

The doll’s owners, apparently reaching the limits of their belief, decided to keep the doll despite the whole “possessed by a dead person” thing. Their ownership was soon thereafter relinquished when a visitor to their home claimed Annabelle had tried to strangle him in his sleep.

The doll was given to the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut, where it remains today.

Robert the Doll


This charming little piece of nightmare fuel is known as Robert the Doll. In the early 20th Century, Robert the Doll was given to Robert the Human, who promptly named the doll after himself and went insane. The child insisted that the doll was breaking his toys and causing him to misbehave. He would engage in long arguments with himself that he told his parents were with the doll. His parents, understandably concerned, took Robert the Doll from him and put it in the attic, where it stayed for years.

Future residents of the house reported, over the next few decades, hearing laughter coming from the attic where Robert the Doll remained. In 1974, he was found in the attic and gifted to the 10-year-old daughter of the home’s current owner. The girl, probably traumatized upon receiving the World’s Creepiest Toy (did we mention that’s real human hair on his head?) began experiencing night terrors and claimed the doll was trying to kill her.

After that, Robert was given to the Fort East Martello Museum in Florida, where visitors are warned that, if they take a picture of him, they will be cursed with misfortune.

The Haunted eBay Painting


The Hands Resist Him“, painted in 1972 by artist Bill Stoneham, features a young boy and a female doll standing before a glass door while disembodied hands press against the glass. The painting was bought first by actor John Marley. After his death in 1984, it was found by a California couple who eventually posted it for sale on eBay, claiming it was cursed.

The listing became something of an Internet phenomenon, and the painting was sold for much more than the original asking price due to the attention it received. Stoneham, on his website, mentions that both the owner of the gallery where the painting was first displayed and the art critic who reviewed it passed away “within a year of the show”.

To this day, those who view the painting claim to feel uneasy, faint, or physically sick when looking at it.

One has to wonder why…


The Haunted Mattress


Kevin Cartwright of Worcester, England, received some media attention three years ago when he claimed his mattress had become possessed. He has reported feeling something move around inside his mattress while he tries to sleep, pushing the mattress back and forth and keeping him up all night. Mr. Cartwright has said he’s replaced the mattress, only to find the new one haunted as well. Which is very unfortunate, reports a mattress specialist who was consulted on the matter, as mattress hauntings are usually quite rare and last a mere 2-3 weeks, at most.

Seriously, that’s what he said.


So, should you steer clear of these things because they are haunted by ghosts or possessed with spirits?  No, you should steer clear of them because they’re creepy as hell.  Who in their right mind would want to play with those dolls, hang up that painting, or – worst yet – sleep in that mattress?

Have you ever come in contact with something that was possessed by spirits or haunted?


Informational credit to Crowley Furniture