Posting an article like this comes with its risks.  Will people be offended?  Should they be offended?  Is that morally acceptable?  Here’s the thing.  The purpose of an article like this is to get people thinking and maybe even crack a smile.  After all, ideas and thoughts don’t have feelings.  Individuals have the right to believe what they wish, but their ideas do not have rights – and so we have the right (and one could argue, the obligation) to criticize and challenge them… especially if they are dangerous.

That being said, here are 26 more atheist memes which might make you reconsider the value and logic of religion.  Don’t be afraid to read it, and don’t be afraid to laugh out lout while doing so.  Have the courage to criticize an idea, even if it’s one you happen to believe in.

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Gods fighting over child's prayer

Don't worry, hell is likely air conditioned.

Good luck breeding those lions...

One route to indoctrination, the other to knowledge.


Church irony (Family Guy Stylez)


Praying VS Actually Doing Something


Ricky Gervais - your God is definitely the best god. The others, all of them, are rubbish.


Violent indoctrination.


It's rare, but this actually exists. W T F


Fear not hell since you will be in good company


mike treder atheism offensive quote


Who are you to question His wisdom?


Said no one ever.


Here comes the Irony Train...


I don't see any frost giants.


Funny story...


Praying VS God's Mysterious Plan


If dogs came from wolves, why do wolves still exist?


Someone's gonna be pissed.


Bill Burr's thoughts on church.


Faith "healers".


So, we started with only 2 people... twice?


God's simple plan.


Stop quoting Bible verses on Facebook.


Now that's some fine punishment there.


You can't tell the difference between these hearts.

Sources:  Many sent in so hard to credit… but most came from AtheistMemeBase.




  1. Good stuff. Compliments the first one you guys did well, though I think maybe the first one was better 😉 Anyways, atheist memes like this always crack me up. And yes, I’m an atheist… so perhaps biased.

  2. It’s going to the church that made me an atheist, when I realised that the priest was always telling the same passages from the bible. I asked myself: From a book that big, how come there is so little to tell?
    I was about 7 or 8 at the time.

    • RESPECT……… He created trillions of planets in the universe, but he chose ours to send his son to be tortured and killed slowly ”just to pay for our sins” and people don’t believe it? how can this be??? so pathetic

      • I notice atheists always seem to attack a caricatured version of religion. You in particular hype up a version of christianity you’ve honed to a particular absurdity that you prefer. As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, if Jesus wasn’t the son of God, then he was the Greatest human being who ever lived. Many great men have died for ideas–Socrates comes to mind, of course. Why do you choose to paint an enormous library of philosophy and theology so crudely and irreverently?

  3. Adam and Eve were the first people on the planet (The Neanderthals don’t count) they had 2 kids Kane and Abel. Kane killed Abel. Then went on to spread life. So we are all decedents of a murderer. Wow that makes sense considering it’s part of a faith that preaches peace.

  4. here are some other things newton believed
    he may have done numerous things to advance human knowledge but he was also incredibly petty

    Newton served for 2 years in Parliament, but found it painfully boring. Sir Newton never exercised, nor did he have any interest in games, music, or poetry. He often forgot to eat because he was so busy in his work. He had fierce feuds with academic rivals, and even the few friends that he had found themselves buried deep in his quarrelsome behavior. Isaac Newton was a rather difficult man. He never married, he made few friends, and he kept much of his knowledge to himself until he knew that other people were about to discover the same thing (when this occurred, he would suddenly publish his work in a hurry to claim the credit before anyone else could.) He held grudges and he argued nonstop. He was difficult to get along with, and probably slightly paranoid. The Dark Side of Isaac Newton Newton was also neurotic and frequently depressed. In 1963, he became severely and morbidly depressed and gave up his chemical experiments. Some historians believe it is because Newton was having a homosexual relationship with Nicolas Fatio, a Swiss mathematician, and the relationship ended suddenly that year. England was fiercely puritanical in the 1600s, and anyone that was openly homosexual was to be put to death. One writer, Micheal White, author of Newton’s biography “The Last Sorcerer”, says that Newton was positively addicted to sorcery, grabbing books from any place he could find on alchemy, the dark arts, and demonology. He was also eager to find the potion for eternal life through

    chemical experiments. Such chemical experiments gave him lead poisoning. The great mathematician did bad things at age 19: threatened to burn down his parents’ house with them inside; tried to use counterfeit money; and even beat up a young man named Arthur Storer. (Newton wrote a confessions list in his Fitzwilliam notebook of 1662, which includes the quote : “beating Arthur Storer.) For most of his life, Newton kept a dangerous secret. As a student at Trinity College, he was required to become a minister in the Church of England, but this was something he violently opposed. Newton became convinced that the Central Doctrine of Christianity, The Trinity, or the that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were all equally divine, was not true. The more ancient Christian texts he read, the more he believed that Christ was the son of God and not his equal.

    • I mean, thanks for the information, but this feels VERY one-sided. I don’t know that much about the man’s life, but that little blip you put at the beginning compared to all this “bad” stuff seems unabashedly unfair. Newton was a genius, he was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, and he believed in God. This all seems like an effort on your part to discount him for seemingly minor moral infractions. This perspective of yours seems like the textbook definition of partisan.

  5. Is this the best that atheists can do on this site? Memes? Memes, I think by their very NATURE, can’t hold and explain complex ideas–only reproduce simple ideas to equally simple minds. This page is unworthy of a purportedly “intellectual” website.

    • The title of this article is “26 more atheist MEMES…”. You seem to be surprised there are memes on here. Are you really that dense?

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