Do you have the courage to question your beliefs and worldview? Arguably, there is no stronger belief than one’s religion.  What would it take for you to entertain the thought that you – and the other followers of your religion – could be wrong?

Many people will (hopefully… eventually) change their beliefs on a subject after enough contradictory evidence emerges.  Why?  Because sometimes the evidence is so solid and undeniable that it is easier to give up their belief or worldview than having to constantly generate excuses why the evidence is false.

Nothing in this world should be immune to scrutiny, and that includes religion.

These 26 atheist memes should, at the very least, open a discussion regarding the value of religion, the source of morality, and the existence of God.

god cannot help amputees science can

Atheists Living Without Guidance of Religion

starving kids bad reception atheism
You’d think an omnipotent being would be able to get 5 bars of signal strength…

anti discrimination laws should protect people not beliefs

why does god punish uninhabited moon

true morality arthur paliden

thank you jesus atheist meme
Also… so the QB gets the touchdown. Does that mean God decided to smite the entire other team? Were their prayers not worthy?
religion pareidolia atheism
A fine example of pareidolia.

religion science metaphor atheism

science is better than prayer


prayer flow chart
How prayer really works.

piper chapman orange is the new black secular humanist

mythology atheist meme

jacklyn glenn prayer kitten quote

list of gods you do not believe in

mormonism fun fact atheism

muslim minority rights

if churches paid taxes atheist meme

I Contend That We Are Both Atheists Stephen F Robers

how do you feel about zeus atheist meme

god cannot solve every problem

einstein hitler atheism quotes

do not die a virgin

creatist museum fossil fuels

bible is not a source of morality


Image Sources:  Atheist Republic and Atheist Memebase