Do you have the courage to question your beliefs and worldview? Arguably, there is no stronger belief than one’s religion.  What would it take for you to entertain the thought that you – and the other followers of your religion – could be wrong?

Many people will (hopefully… eventually) change their beliefs on a subject after enough contradictory evidence emerges.  Why?  Because sometimes the evidence is so solid and undeniable that it is easier to give up their belief or worldview than having to constantly generate excuses why the evidence is false.

Nothing in this world should be immune to scrutiny, and that includes religion.

These 26 atheist memes should, at the very least, open a discussion regarding the value of religion, the source of morality, and the existence of God.

god cannot help amputees science can

Atheists Living Without Guidance of Religion

starving kids bad reception atheism
You’d think an omnipotent being would be able to get 5 bars of signal strength…

anti discrimination laws should protect people not beliefs

why does god punish uninhabited moon

true morality arthur paliden

thank you jesus atheist meme
Also… so the QB gets the touchdown. Does that mean God decided to smite the entire other team? Were their prayers not worthy?
religion pareidolia atheism
A fine example of pareidolia.

religion science metaphor atheism

science is better than prayer


prayer flow chart
How prayer really works.

piper chapman orange is the new black secular humanist

mythology atheist meme

jacklyn glenn prayer kitten quote

list of gods you do not believe in

mormonism fun fact atheism

muslim minority rights

if churches paid taxes atheist meme

I Contend That We Are Both Atheists Stephen F Robers

how do you feel about zeus atheist meme

god cannot solve every problem

einstein hitler atheism quotes

do not die a virgin

creatist museum fossil fuels

bible is not a source of morality


Image Sources:  Atheist Republic and Atheist Memebase




  1. I love the one where Hitler “claim” to be “christian” when, in fact, he was jewish, born of a great rabin father, in a jewish family, attended, and graduated from, rabinic school and was maried to a jewish women. It’s very hard to be more jewish than that…

    • I am sorry but you have to be kidding me. Hitler was well known to be a Catholic and he made clear in Mein Kampf along with his treaty with the Catholic chruch. Hitler even used the story of what the Jews did to Jesus as a justification for his actions. The claim that Hitler himself was Jewish is remarkably laughable. I would be willing to bet that you are one of the conspiracy theorist idiots who think the holocaust never happened. I guess my grandparents along with numerous others that I know simply killed themselves and posthumously blamed it on Hitler. How dare you. Evidence and facts are obviously not your strong suit. You should keep your mouth shut until you learn how to think critically instead of conspiratorially.

  2. The ‘personal god’ nonsense–

    The last person to escape the Twin Towers praised de Lawd for allowing her escape. It did not occur to her to ask Him why he allowed the other 3,000 to die….

  3. Re: Adolf Hitler
    So all it takes is making a declaration? OK, then I’m an atheist. Oh, I’ll still attend church and look forward to spending eternity with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. But I’m an atheist. Because I say I am.

    • Frank King, he made a lot of statements, went to church, pope visited him in person and had Hitler in his christmas prayers right up till he died, even wrote about how important god was in his life in his books, so yeah, just a declaration,

    • Why would these well known individuals makes claims to which they were NOT?

      You are grasping at straws, in desperation…what a shock…

      • He (Hitler) also made claims he was a vegetarian — to show everyone what super- awesome control he had over his natural desires to eat meat… but his personal chef (yep, Hitler had one) said that Hitler ate meat like a madman. Hitler’s cook had a collection of Hitler’s favorite recipes, all but the desserts were meat-heavy. Yet he tried to portray himself as being “strong” enough to defy the pleasures of eating dead animals.

        So, “Why would these well known individuals makes claims to which they were NOT?” To get followers, that’s why. Heck, people make untrue claims on TWITTER FFS to get followers. Are you really this stupid? Or do you just play stupid online?

        • Cite one instance where Hitler claimed to be a vegetarian. His doctors advised him to eat vegetarian, which is where the myth is presumed to have originated. Get your fact right before calling people stupid, stupid.

      • “Why would these well known individuals makes claims to which they were NOT?”
        Could it be because malignant Narcissists and pathological liars only say things that they hope will fool people into believing they are something they are not?
        Anyone who has any knowledge of WW2 knows that almost everyone on the planet was onto Hitler’s game by 1943.
        The testimony at the Nuremburg Trials and memoirs of his closest surviving confidants proves conclusively that Hitler only pretended to be Christian in order to gul the population, and only the most irrational atheists continue to claim that he was Christian.
        Jim Jones used a very similar tactic in creating his bogus religion designed expressly to lure the weak willed into his control so that he could brainwash them into accepting his atheist communist philosophy.
        The FBI recovered enough evidence to prove that, including a phone call he had taped where he openly admitted his atheism and stated that 90% of his congregation were atheists.

    • Most memes are greatly oversimplified. Thanks you for these sources to remind us that several majority Muslim countries do respect minority beliefs right to exist. Let’s work together to expand the list,

    • You conveniently forget that Turkey was once 30% Christian [Armenians and Greek Orthodox] until the genocides of 1915 and the expulsion of the remaining Christians.

      Turkey is now 99.8% muslim. This happens in ALL muslim majority countries, eventually- in line with koranic teachings.

      Malaysia and Indonesia are becoming more islamic daily.
      Your ‘information’ is discredited.

  4. Miki Bitsko have you actually read those 2 articles yourself? They tell a lot about persecution of non Muslims and Turkey only seems to have protected non Muslims after being told too by the European Court Of Human Rights.

  5. I agree with most of your memes.. but not the one about the Muslims..
    No Doubt Quran and Hadith have lot of shit in them..
    True also that there are many countries with majority Mulsims where there are no minority rights..
    But seriously..
    Look up the internet for “Majority Muslim Countries”
    You’ll be surprised that there are about 15 or more countries with majority Muslim community, which are secular, democratic and where rights of minorities or otherwise are as secured as any other country…

  6. The full Einstein quote is “From the point of view of a Jesuit priest, i am of course and have always been an atheist,” which chages the meaning completely. Einstein also said, “I am not an atheist,” which is pretty clear.

    • No it is not clear. Like most things it is more nuanced than a few quotes. Einstein was a Secular Humanist. But he didn’t like the term “atheist” because he thought atheists were too strident in their attacks on religion. Or so he said. When asked what his religious beliefs were Einstein gave evasive answers. Sometimes he would say agnostic, sometimes pantheist or other labels. Sometimes he would just say he didn’t believe in a “personal god”. It was clear he was unhappy with all these terms.

      Adding to the confusion, Einstein knew from his ordeal getting anyone to perform experiments to verify General Relativity that he needed to garner popular support for his theories. His theories were deterministic while the competing theories were probabilistic. Religions are necessarily deterministic. Einstein knew he could garner support because of this coincidence, hence the quote “God does not play at dice”.

      Alan Turing was a gay man. But because being gay was illegal at the time you can find plenty of quotes of him saying he was not gay.

      There are quotes of Einstein saying he was an atheist. There are quotes of Einstein saying he was not an atheist. But studying the totality of his life I can assure you that he was an atheist and I am comfortable with the quote even though it is altered. (Case in point: the quote “God does not play at dice” has been altered to “God does not play dice with the universe” and nobody seems to mind because it is seen as a clarification.)

      • “In the view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human
        mind, am able to recognise, there are yet people who say there is no God.
        But what makes me really angry is that they quote me for support for such
        views.” – Albert Einstein

        ‘nuf said.

        • So you reply to an argument that a man’s complex belief system cannot be represented by one simplistic quote but, instead, the man’s total life and actions must be studied, with one simplistic quote.

          You, my friend, have lost the internet today. Please turn in your computer and report to the education bureau.

          • Nah. You misunderstand. I saw a picture of Einstein and Hitler while doing a Google image search on an unrelated search. I thought it was ironic because I’ve read quotes from Einstein that expressed criticism against certain atheists, too. And Hitler had some incredibly anti-Christian quotes, I mean he had a plan to end Christianity.

            So I actually was doubting the simplistic quotes that the author of this article provided. And I thought it was funny what you wrote, because Einstein said it made him angry when people used him to support views that “there is no God”. He was not talking about all atheists, of course. But he definitely was talking about what he called “fanatical atheists”. I think he would call the author of this article a “fanatical atheist”.

          • “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.”
            That’s called Deism not Atheism.
            Altering quotes by deleting context doesn’t help your case.

            • Are you responding to me? Please read what I wrote. If you want to argue one of my points, fine, just don’t respond randomly. It appears that the other person who quickly replied to my arguments without thinking things through changed his mind after more contemplation and deleted his post. He left a quote just like yours, in fact it might have been exactly yours. Although he didn’t imply that I was a liar like you do.

              And I believe you mean content not context. For example, context would be stating the entire quote and the question that it was in response to, whether he was responding to a reporter, writing a paper, or in his personal journal, etc. One additional sentence doesn’t really add context. However, I agree that more context is needed, a lot more context.

              And, thirdly, to that point, people don’t really use the term deist anymore. Why not? Because atheist doesn’t have the stigma attached to it that it did in Einstein’s day. Just like Alan Turing, Einstein was not immune to popular opinion. He believed that if he had come out and said he was an atheist his Physics Theories would lose their support. Which is what he was really interested in, not in discussing religious philosophy with reporters.

              • Deleting content alters or removes context.
                The altered quotation is presented, and someone certainly chose to alter it to promote a lie.
                Your own earlier response seems to be to imply Einstein was lying about his belief in Spinosa’s God.
                No one in government or academia cared much if anything about Einstein’s religious beliefs. Either his numbers worked or they didn’t.
                They no more cared whether a scientist believed in Spinosa’s God than if he were Jewish, Hindu or Atheist. Many top Mathematicians in NASA and other government agencies were Hindu, and as we constantly hear many top scientists are atheists. No one had to pretend to believe in God in order to get backing for experiments.
                Einstein was born to a Jewish family and educated in Catholic schools, so of course he did a lot of deep thinking on religion at one time or another, but it did not have any effect on his work.
                Stephen Hawkins also mentions God now and then, and I could care less if he believes in a God or gods. Either his theories are sound or they aren’t.

                • Wow, that got extreme fast. You live in quite a black and white world. In your world no one ever hid their religious beliefs, no one ever got favorable treatment based on their stated religious beliefs, 100% of scientists are right 100% of the time (because numbers?), and Einstein never once stated anything but the complete and whole truth. In your world you can read the minds of every single government official and member of academia and you know the reason behind every single grant, hire, and publication.

                  I was hoping to have a meaningful argument, but apparently you already know everything. You are more perfect than god.

                  I would like to explain science to you because you clearly do not understand how it works, but I fear my time would be wasted and I need to do some work.

                  • You’d be wasting everyone’s time. Paranoid claims about people having to pretend to be religious or to adhere to a particular religion in order to get their work accepted is so silly it isn’t worth further discussion.
                    I said I was only interested in whether Hawkings’ theories are sound, not what his beliefs on the subject of religion might be.
                    And last I heard Hawkings’ theories weren’t always correct.
                    Strange that atheists never question the honesty of Hitler’s propaganda speeches .
                    Ever hear of Baldur Von Shirach?
                    If Hitler wanted to stamp out atheism why did he put Baldur Von Shirach in charge of the Hitler Youth?

                    • Apparently, you have plenty of time to waste.
                      And wow again. Honestly I wasn’t going to respond, I’m not really interested in getting into an insult competition with someone’s cranky grandfather. But you just had to double-down on the crazy. (Seriously, it seems like you’re about to call me a nancy-boy and tell me how many ‘nips’ you killed in WWII.)
                      First of all, nothing I said had anything to do with your comments about Hawking. (We physicists never really understood the rockstar treatment Hawking gets. Usually our conferences are quiet affairs, but my mentor went to one in Glasgow ten years ago in which Hawking was scheduled to talk. He said it was a madhouse with film crews and media.) Normally I would try to be magnanimous and suggest that I wasn’t explaining myself well enough. But we both know that you would just use that as an opportunity to insult me again, so I will just call you a jerk and accuse you of misinterpreting my words on purpose.
                      And secondly, what does Hitler have to do with anything we’re talking about? Why is it when right-wingnuts feel like they are losing an argument, they always trot out Hitler?

                      So insult me all you want, I know none of it is true. Call me a liar, I know everything I have said is the truth. Call me paranoid, even though in order to do so you had to completely mischaracterize my argument. You haven’t really responded to any of my arguments. All you have are your lame insults.

                    • “And secondly, what does Hitler have to do with anything we’re talking about? ”
                      Did you bother to look at the Hitler quote that’s directly above the altered Einstein quote?
                      Name a scientist who’s work was dismissed only because he was atheist.

                    • This is stupid… How would anybody have heard about them if they were dismissed early for being atheist?

                    • Do you think atheist scientists in Saudi Arabia declare their atheism or do they go to the mosque like everybody else. You are denying the frightening power that religion wields just to prove your point. Remember Galileo

      • Einstein’s spiritual philosophy was complicated. He referred to his own belief as a cosmic religion. He did not believe in a personal god of reward and punishment, saw divinity in nature and the cosmos, expressed pantheistic tendencies, and believed that the human mind could not possibly comprehend the nature of god. “God is a mystery. But a comprehensible mystery. I have nothing but awe when I observe the laws of nature. There are not laws without a lawgiver, but how does this lawgiver look? Certainly not like a man magnified.”

        He is deliberately quoted out of context here, and yes it completely changes the meaning. The full quote is “From the viewpoint of a Jesuit priest I am, of course, and have always been an atheist”–he’s acknowledging that a Jesuit priest sees him as an atheist, not agreeing to that view. Atheism was not illegal so i see no reason to doubt Einstein’s word when he repeatedly asserted, “I am not an atheist.” He didn’t seem to think very highly of extreme atheism or organised religion. He believed in the historical Jesus and thought his teachings were “capable of curing all the social ills of humanity.”

        He said “My position concerning god is that of an agnostic” and referred to himself as agnostic on multiple occasions. But he also expressed views that aligned with pantheism. When asked in an interview whether he identified as pantheist, he replied “Your question is the most difficult in the world. It is not a question I can answer simply with yes or no. I am not an atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds.”

  7. The Einstein quote is not acurate, he was not an atheist and he declared in multiple occasions that he considered himself a pantheist. He also stated in his correspondence that: “The fanatical atheists…are like slaves who are still feeling the weight of their chains which they have thrown off after hard struggle. They are creatures who—in their grudge against the traditional ‘opium of the people’—cannot hear the music of the spheres.” Although he did not believe in a personal God, he indicated that he would never seek to combat such belief because “such a belief seems to me preferable to the lack of any transcendental outlook.”

  8. I have had more discussions on this subject than I care to count. I have tried using every bit of logic and reasoning I can muster, out of my own gray matter, and that of others, and it has all been for naught. Maybe my problem is in trying to reach those who are simply TFG (too far gone)
    The two responses that I encounter time after time are, ‘god works in strange ways’ and ‘you can’t prove god doesn’t exist’, and those seem to be absolutely engraved in granite with these people. They keep the hinges and locks on the door to their minds well oiled, so it can be slammed shut battened down at a moment’s notice when logic comes strolling by.
    However, I do refuse to give up trying. Hopefully, someday, maybe, there will be that one person who will actually listen, and at least consider what they’ve been taught deserves a, ‘Hey, wait a minute’.

    • “They keep the hinges and locks on the door to their minds well oiled, so it can be slammed shut battened down at a moment’s notice when logic comes strolling by.”
      I’ve found that to be true of all most all atheists.
      Agnostics at least keep an open mind.

      • “I’ve found that to be true of all most all atheists.”

        I’ve found that people who make generalizations are usually just looking for a way to add validity to the negative opinions they can’t otherwise support. I’m willing to be wrong if you are too.

          • “And what opinion could be more negative than Atheism?”

            Why should any one expression of opinion that seeks to promote itself by denigrating others with the use of generalizations and stereotype be better than any other? You’re just as guilty as the people you’re accusing.

            _”who are attempting to restore some actual rational thought to the question”_

            Rational thought never left the question, Greg, blowhards are a part of almost every segment of internet humanity. The Atheists you’re fumbling to put up on a pedestal of personal preference aren’t inherently more logical, they’re just less anti-theistic. The one is separate from the other.

            When an idea or ideology is revered, it becomes somewhat impervious to logical critique. Some atheists surmised that breaking that reverence through comedy and satire and partial-fictionalization breaks down the walls of those who don’t respond to logic, who only believe because of their family, or their community, or their culture. Unfortunate? Sure. Effective? You bet.

            • So you feel that lying is a acceptable method of undermining religious beliefs?
              I made a much longer reply that didn’t go through so to cut to the chase the very first meme on this page is one of those partly fictionalized bits (we’d call them lies)you think are soooo cool.
              Bryan Anderson has expressed his certain belief in God in interviews, and his acceptance of terrible injuries as part of God’s overall plan whatever that plan might be.

              • “So you feel that lying is a acceptable method of undermining religious beliefs?”

                It’s called humor, it’s not meant to give false education. The only people who can’t understand the difference between humor and lies are Thermians from the Klaatu Nebula. Maybe it’s funny, maybe it’s thoughtful, maybe it’s neither… none of that is unique to atheism. The person who created the poster likely had no interest in trying to portray Bryan Anderson as a non-believer… they were using a recognizable celebrity to make the old and yet-to-be-refuted point about God and amputees, wherein religions who are quick to claim supernatural healing on God’s behalf fall conspicuously silent on why God chooses not to heal things for which there is no ambiguity (i.e. they are impossible by out understanding of the natural world) and only cures illnesses for which there are reasonable natural or medical explanations.

                • “The person who created the poster likely had no interest in trying to portray Bryan Anderson as a non-believer…”

                  The person who created the poster made zero effort to determine what Bryan Anderson’s feelings were on the matter.

                  They used his image presumably without his consent which is against the law.

                  First off where would you get the notion that any new testament scripture would lead one to believe that a severed limb could be restored unless by modern micro surgical techniques?

                  As for science making life easier for the amputee modern techniques build on thousands of years of craftsmanship in producing better and better prosthetics. Faith and hope are a major factor in how well an amputee accepts the facts and adjusts to his altered life style.

                  Brain scans have established that positive physical reactions to religious beliefs is hardwired into the human brain. The proper frame of mind can often allow one to conquer otherwise intractable pain using the brain’s own chemistry.
                  A hopeless frame of mind will drag one down to death even if medical science says they should recover.

                  • “The person who created the poster made zero effort to determine what Bryan Anderson’s feelings were on the matter.”

                    Most likely because they don’t care… especially since it wasn’t a personal attack upon him. You’re grasping at morality straws. Your problem isn’t with atheists, it’s with the internet.

                    “They used his image presumably without his consent which is against the law.”

                    Mmm, no. His consent wouldn’t be applicable unless he owned the rights to the photographs (as opposed to a publication or photographer), and this seems to be a fairly common example of the comment/criticism portion of the fair use exemption.

                    “First off where would you get the notion that any new testament scripture would lead one to believe that a severed limb could be restored unless by modern micro surgical techniques?”

                    The critique is on the nature of miracles in general. God has suspended plausible natural reality on multiple occasions in biblical stories. The question asked is why he can heal the sick and other examples that are ambiguous and explainable by other factors, but something as stark as regrowing limbs (for the same reason, and to accomplish the same thing) is too vulgar a display of power.

                    Otherwise, Luke 22:50 – 51.

                    • From the NOLO Law for all website
                      “You can stop a website’s use of your image for three reasons: invasion of privacy, violation of right of publicity, or defamation.

                      Invasion of privacy can occur if you are portrayed falsely and in a highly offensive manner. For example, your photo was posted at America’s Most Wanted’s website, and you are not wanted — by the law. Your privacy may also be invaded if the photo was taken by someone who intruded on you in a situation in which you had a reasonable expectation of privacy — for example, in your own home. It is not an invasion of privacy to photograph someone in a public place or at any event where the public is invited.

                      Another reason to stop the use is known as the right of publicity. This occurs if your image is used for commercial purposes such as to sell products or to imply that you endorse a product. If the photo is used in a commercial website — that is, one sponsored by a business or that sells products or services — the unauthorized use of your image would probably violate your right of publicity. The public must be able to identify you in the photograph.

                      You can also stop the website use if the photo defames you — that is, it creates a false impression and injures your reputation. For example, it would be defamatory to doctor a photo to make it seem as if you were shoplifting. The fact that an unmodified photo is unflattering is not enough to claim defamation. The photo must falsely portray you and must cause people in the community to think less of you.”
                      Good thing you aren’t a Lawyer.
                      You should probably look up the relevant copyright laws.
                      Remember Che Guevara’s family sued for much the same infractions and they aren’t even US Citizen’s.
                      Anderson is a still living celebrity and author, misuse of his image could hurt book sales and lead to substantial punitive damages.

                    • Well my reply disappeared for some reason. Perhaps due to an imbedded link.
                      In short mis use of an image even if not for commercial purposes can result in legal action for defamation or false light.
                      Owning a photo does not allow one to falsely use the subject’s image to deliver any message with the intimation that the subject agrees with the message, most especially if the subject’s name is also used.
                      If Anderson did in fact feel that miracles do not apply to amputations it would still be a case of false light to imply that Anderson wished to denigrate belief in God or that he felt animosity towards God because of his injuries.
                      Doing so hijacks the subjects personality to promote something they would not willingly promote.
                      You can look up the laws themselves to confirm what I’ve stated here.
                      Even the photographer or any copyright holder of such photos can not legally use Anderson’s photo in such a way without his permission.

                    • Once again, good luck attempting to prosecute copyright infringement… most memes involve transformative work and/or fall under fair use… or at least fall within a grey area. If Anderson feels he’s being “misrepresented” by a combination of images no reasonable person concludes is attributable to him, he can initiate legal proceedings against “the internet”.

                      This is a tangential digression. Your moral horror over the concept of unauthorized internet memes has no specific application to atheism or the topic of conspicuously selective “miracles”, and how they imply an absence of a genuine supernatural component.

                    • Your replies have become more and more irrational, so I’ll leave you to your chore of trying to justify such deception.
                      The sort of dishonest misrepresentation demonstrated by these “memes” does more to make the average atheist look irrational than anything I can think of.

                    • “Your replies have become more and more irrational, so I’ll leave you to your chore of trying to justify such deception.”

                      Everything I wrote was clear, reasonable and well-supported. You went from making obnoxious generalizations to moral outrage over internet humor to ill-informed claims of illegality. This lame playing of the “irrational” card is your way of excusing yourself from a conversation you can’t argue yourself out of. What I don’t understand is why, if you didn’t have anything else of value to say, you waited so long to perform necromancy on this thread.

                    • Lawyer too…you sure rely on a ton or celestial dogma in your life. Why not “pray the gay away” as they say? I don’t mean this subject is gay, it was just an example.

                    • I just got on this thread and didn’t realise it was for people who actually stay mostly civil in discussions…hope i don’t get kicked off for being rude to that religious ass-hat…

              • That is such a sad statement; that being mutilated in a war propagated by corporatists (that privately scorn the religious ilk voting for them as ‘the group with the third eye’) can somehow be interpreted as a plan by anything other than a horrible monster…I’m in awe of this man for his dedication and sacrifice, but i pity anyone who endorses such a macabre notion as this as being sane…Greg- you sure are a cocky bastard…you must have searched through thousands of the 30,000 different christian sects to find the one true path right?

      • There are opinions and theories, ranging from the ‘big bang’ to the magical snap of the fingers from an equally magical deity. The absolute TRUTH is that we don’t know for sure.
        The difference is that the scientific community is willing to admit that, and continues to look for answers. They piece together the evidence that has been found, come up with hypothesis and theory, then if there is new evidence, it’s either added to what they have, or it clears the table of what they have. Religion is utterly unwilling to even consider that.
        Religion has decided on a singular answer, and any evidence that is presented that the world at large says contradicts that answer, they either find ways to fit it in to keep the answer intact, or completely discard it as a ‘lie’ created for the sole purpose of discrediting their precious answer.
        Science seek the truth by asking questions; religions seek the questions to fit their ‘truth’.

          • Actually we do. We know a great deal of real truth about biology, physics, astronomy, and a host of other physical aspects of our universe.
            Religion, on the other hand, reveals only speculation and hopes of truth.

          • Ah, you’re one of the arrogant Christians, the ones that do zero to actually convince anyone that god is real, and take pleasure in telling the evil non-believers they deserve to be tortured.

            Seriously, you have something mentally wrong with you.

        • So true! I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “believers” discount other people’s “questions” about a god and start blathering on and on angrily just because they don’t believe.

        • If there is no absolute truth then how science even works? Science is driven exactly by the search for truth. Absolute, self-evident truth. Even if there are questions there is always the answer. And the answer lies in all this article. This article is also closer to that absolute truth. So get over it everyone.

      • Well, considering God was allegedly the first ‘thing’, we should try and find out where he came from.

        All the evidence is pointing towards ‘humans’ though.

        • There is no “Evidence”. It’s called FAITH – either you’ve got it, or you don’t, Perhaps you’ll find out when you DIE.

          • Yeah, that’s pretty stupid isn’t it?

            God punishing people, just because they didn’t have faith in something there was no evidence for, and they only realise he’s real after they’re dead.

            It’s like torturing people for not believing in the tooth fairy…no one has faith in the tooth fairy, as there is no evidence, and yet it would be ridiculous, and downright disgusting for anyone to punish people for not realising the tooth fairy was real.

      • If by ‘careful consideration’ you mean, “I’ve thought this over carefully, and despite my trust in science for literally every other aspect of my life, I’m going to go with magic on this. After careful consideration, I genuinely believe that a singular being, for which there is not the slightest shred of tangible evidence, that cannot be proven by ANY reasonable means, that must be believed to be seen, simply snapped its fingers and POOF! here we are”, then yes, I’d say they still have a closed mind.
        Obduracy – great word. I haven’t heard that one in a good many years.

        • Sorry, but if you honestly don’t believe that an intelligent, well-informed, and well-intentioned person could disagree with your views on religion, that just makes you a bigoted ideologue.

          • Do you actually understand my comments, or do you simply read them, all the while formulating a response?
            Please explain to me how an intelligent, well-informed person genuinely believes we were created through magic.

            • Sorry, but am I to believe that with no intervention of any kind, no known catalyst for change, the entire universe exploded into existence out of nothing? I would like to be clear when I say that I am an atheist. Everything I say here comes not from defending myself and what I believe to be true, so that argument cannot be used against me. Insulting people based on their religious belief when you can offer no definitive proof of an alternative is both hypocritical and moronic. No matter how much you want to be, you are not better then any other person because of what you believe. When you attack people like this, you only prove how small you really are.

          • You are wrong. If a person, no matter how smart he is, conceives e.g. Mormonism, which is obviously fake, as truth, he suffers cognitive dissonance.

            If you are a smart person, and you believe in say christianity, doesn’t mean christianity is true. It means you’re partially ignorant.

            • That would only apply to creationists, who are indeed willfully ignorant about evolution. But evolution is accepted by most mainstream Christian denominations, including the Catholic church, and there are countless scientists of this denomination, including clergy. It doesn’t mean anything at all to say they’re partially ignorant if they hold some belief you disagree with. Everyone is partially ignorant of something.

              But you’re seriously moving the goalposts here. The argument isn’t “Smart people believe in X, therefore X is true”. Smart people can indeed be wrong. And it’s entirely possible for people to be right for the wrong reason, which is just being wrong in a different way.

  9. Astonishing the complete and utter lack of understanding the people who came up with these meme’s have of the bible and God. Seriously? Talk about lazy- to post an opinion as if it is fact, and to ridicule others because of your lack of understanding? Incredible- then to have the unmitigated gall to claim “science” as your own God? This is a whole new level of arrogance that even Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Napoleon never reached.

    • Really?! You’re just offended because your are too brainwashed to realize what you just said is exactly what you do and just did. Why are children starving in 3rd world countries? Where is your god? Why are people on earth to toil, why not just have us all in heaven? There have been thousands of gods, yours is not different, a myth. I am a good person because I want to be, not because your god will reward me. Open your eyes. You are just a lamb lead to slaughter. Flock, congregation? Whats the difference?

      • You would have found the answer to any of those questions if you had ever bothered to read the Bible.
        When ever I hear someone tooting their own horn about how they are a good person I have my doubts.

        • “You would have found the answer to any of those questions if you had ever bothered to read the Bible.”

          Why not be a good Christian and explain, rather than asking someone to do what you know they won’t?

          Bloody Christians… minute they’re trying to get non-believers to believe, the next, they’re acting like they don’t give a crap, and not being very helpful convincing people.

    • wait, are you sure you are not talking about the religions? you know…posting opinions as if they are facts, lacking the understanding of other view points…oh, I should also point out that Hitler, Napoleon, and Stalin were all Catholic. which if you know your religion, is both an offshoot of and closely follows the lines of Christianity. and Mao was a Buddhist.

      so I don’t know if you are stupid, or so stupid your sperm are all wearing helmets.

      • Only the most irrational of atheists still pretend Hitler was Christian.
        Napoleon was Deist, Stalin atheist, Mao was Atheist.
        Pol Pot , Mussolini, and the most vicious mass murderers of all time were Atheists.
        That’s why no rational atheist listens to your crap any more, they know people like you only make all atheists look stupid and/or dishonest.

      • Stalin wasn’t Catholic — he was Russian Orthodox. (At least, until he became an atheist later on in life) At one time he enrolled in the seminary to become an Orthodox priest.

  10. JESUS CHRIST is a GOD of Spiritual things. You need to believe with all your heart and mind, soul.
    HE IS REAL………….REALLY…………Please, don’t let “anger of this world” blind your eyes and heart.
    WE ARE GOING TO DIE. JESUS saved us from DEATH on the day of Judgement.
    It’s enough………….but for those poor people around the world, they are “witness” that HUMANS are selfish and disgusting.
    There are so many RICH people in this world and they do nothing for those poor.
    Those poor are TEST for others. Did you think about others in your life.
    Those sickness are TEST… you seek GOD only when you are ill?
    We have nothing to loose by believing in Him.

  11. This whole article should be called:

    “26 Memes Written By People Who Dont Know Anything About Religion”
    instead of:

    “26 Atheist Memes That Will Make You Reconsider the Value of Religion”

    Because lets be realistic; rather than blaming the religions of the world for the shortcomings they show here and celebrating the achievements that science has established…if Science and Secular Morality can solve all the problems, then, why do we have any?:)

    And that ladies an gentleman is what is known as a Hail Mary:)

      • Actually, no it isn’t. As the points refuted are solid maybe you should review your basic logic foundation.

        Since the point of the article was Secular Morality achieves more than Religion, and as I pointed out, the Secular Moralists have not solved the problems they are pointing out…

        EPIC Fail on your part. Nice try though:)

        • You can’t argue the contents so you argue something that is never claimed. If you don’t have the mental capacity to contribute anything of worth or honesty, consider keeping your piehole shut. Society thanks you in advance.

          • Liberal Troll Alert. Wassa matter baby?:) Did the mean old Conservative treat you like the trash you are?

            You have heard by the way that Sub-Human are not to be considered on the same level as humans and therefore can not expect to be afforded the same rights and privileges havent you? There was a big court case about it out of NY just last week.

            So be careful how you address your superiors, Liberal.

            • Lol….Who’s a liberal? Bringing in politics out of left field, another strawman from the dissonance. But I love the idea that further demonstrating one’s mental and moral deficiencies somehow “wins” an argument that never was one.

              There are some amazingly dumb people on the internet, and I saw one today.

  12. The title was right! It only took a handful of memes for me to abandon my 40+ year old personal belief system. Good job!

  13. “In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human
    mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no
    God. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the
    support of such views.” – Albert Einstein

    “But Christianity is an invention of sick brains : one could imagine
    nothing more senseless, nor any more indecent way of turning the idea of
    the Godhead into a mockery. A negro with his tabus is crushingly
    superior to the human being who seriously believes in
    Transubstantiation.” – Adolph Hitler

  14. Einstein never said he was an Atheist.

    “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.”
    That’s called Deism not Atheism.
    The only thing the pathetic crap on this site has made me doubt is the level of intelligence of the Atheists who created this silly trash.

  15. The Piper Chapman quote is odd , Piper Chapman is a fictional character in a TV comedy.
    The character is based on author Piper Kerman who is a self described White Anglo Saxon Protestant.
    I have a feeling we can’t trust any quote on this page to be real.

  16. WHY doe all atheists base EVERYTHING on the fact that it is possible that OUR GOD does NOTHING to interfere with Creation?

    So where did EVERYTHING come from? “THE BIG BANG” – what was there BEFORE that? Nothing? If Nothing existed…. what caused a BIG BANG?

    Some get “hung up” on PRAYER. Who says a GOD would answer every cry for help?

    GOD does not CONTROL –

    • Because holy books claim he did interfere with creation, and religious people constantly claim he’s interfering with creation, taking the credit for doctor’s work, or for finding a car parking space for them..

  17. Too bad we can’t bring back Madeline Murray O’Hair, a truly great ATHEIST. I’m sure she could shed light on this subject. When she comes back…. I’ll be sure to ask.

    • Not really, because we have no evidence that nothing caused it.

      But to just replace ignorance of any scientific fact with ‘God diddit’ fails every time – there’s countrless scientific discoveries we have found now, that in the past, people just said ‘God diddit’.

  18. God actually “made it known” ( no – he did not ‘speak’) to me that it’s fine for anyone to not Believe in Him. He doesn’t care AT ALL.

    It seems that He does not believe in YOU, either……

    • No, you just imagined in your head he did, maybe something happened that you were too stupid to realise was a lucky co-incidence.

      The thing is with first world Christians, they think it’s all about THEM.

      ‘God helped me get that job!’ (and none of the other christians who applied for it).

      ‘God helped my sports team win!’ (even though religious people were praying for the other side to win.

      ‘God made sure a car parking space was available to me’ (yeah, he took some time out from helping starving sick children around the world to control someone’s brain and make them move their car out of the way).

      It’s a SELFISH religion, it’s about getting the golden ticket for oneself.

      Non-believers who do good, don’t do it for magical reward. Christians who do good, are hoping God’s watching, and will give them the most selfish prize of all – eternal life with god, front row seats, watching all the evil non-believers getting tortured.

  19. wasn’t einstein a atheist?u belive he was smart,so he should know what he gonna invent he doesn’t know his invent can be used As a mass murderer weapon? IF,no then the person u praise wasn’t smart enough,IF yes then YOur idol was a murders who dont care at about other people life but just his own benefit and wealth and fame just like most of the atheist,
    what was The religion of the maker of atomic bombs J Robert Oppenheimer? wasn’t a atheist?
    isn’t Kim Jong-Il a atheist?
    wasn’t Alfred Kinsey a athiest?
    IS NOT THE Joseph Stalin A ATHEIST!?!?!]
    How about Jim Jones or Mao Zedong or Napoleon Bonaparte?
    wasnt Jeffrey Dahmer an infamous serial killer and atheist sentenced to 900 years in prison, said “if a person doesn’t think that there is a God to be accountable to, then what’s the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges?”. He brutally killed seventeen men and boys, dismembering them?
    God bless cya

  20. EINSTEIN – During his lifetime, Albert Einstein was asked by everyone over 12 tears old if he believed in God. Reality be known, be answered this SAME question in quite a number of different ways.

    The most popular theorists stated “NO GOD”, but to DOZENS of others he said, on MANY occasions, YES, I don’t know, why ask me, a blank stare NO RESPONSE AT ALL, and who knows what else.Take your choice – Einstein did.

  21. He is right up there for sure! Ever notice how the really stupid, insane, haters are RELIGIOUS! That’s what these cretins like Psycho_Citizen do not realize, One of the many things I love about being an Atheist is that it requires so little of my time!

  22. And you need to understand that the U.S. is a CHRISTIAN nation (read the Founding Document of the U.S. : The Declaration of Independence)
    You also need to read the Constitution for in it you will find the First Amendment which DOES protect a belief system, a religion, and it also protects the right to FREELY EXERCISE that faith.
    Seems to me you need to leave your emotion and so-called logic behind and read and understand the Founding Fathers, read and understand U.S. history, and read and understand ALL of the United States’ historical documents.
    You see, people fled Europe to come to America to be able to practice their religious faith as they saw fit, and that is what this nation is founded on.
    The Constitution only founds the GOVERNMENT, not the nation. Educate yourself.

  23. This is a pretty embarrassing, very surface-level series of sophomoric critiques on religion– especially the nonsense comparing God to Zeus and Ra. Go to the next level and read books. There’s also misinformation–Einstein was not an atheist, he “believed in the God of Spinoza,” which is the MATURE concept of God. So much obfuscation here, so much stupidity.

  24. Atheists need to get something STRAIGHT; Jesus Christ didn’t create destruction or poverty PEOPLE DID, Hippocrates! Get something right for a change NEVER use GOD for your mistakes it will bit you right back on your non-existent ideas, if you want to use the Bible for your selfish needs, TAKE one look at yourself, you are an Atheist why use something from someone you don’t BELIEVE EXIST for your own purpose, USE your own IDEAS if you have any.

    • We need to totally get rid of all the holy texts. We also should wean from believing in anything. Although many atheists might say that a knowledge is a subset of belief IT IS WRONG. Knowledge is something we see and it is obvious enough. Believes are not empirical. We also should give up on even believing in anything. We have to only accept what is obvious and get over it and use it as our persistent reality. We wouldn’t have to perform experiments anymore or even do science, we would sense the reality and be the reality. Things would be obvious enough. It would be obvious enough that God or anything people believe in is not real, and the universe is evil on itself. We have to sense the universe. We have to know it exactly by sensing it. There’s no other way. Although science right now is the only way to get ourselves to knowing the truth and reality, with choosing what I said here, even science would become obsolete, let alone religion. We do science because we are not fit enough for the universe. But for highly developed atheist superhumans, science would be as unnecessary as religion is for us.

  25. Hahaha that’s all awesome and I agree. Every religion deserves to be destroyed. Even accomodationism. Only most militant atheism should be the only worldwide religion availiable. Even atheists should be mocked and ridiculed if they accept and study religion. Why? Because science does everything. It can even turn you into a person incapable of doing everything. I support everything to promote militant scientific atheism and support taking down YouTube channels of everyone who is religious or tolerant, liberal, respecting etc. Nobody can mess up with us. I am a proud militant atheist and believe that we should use science to make a superhuman atheist subspecies and turn all the humans that are tolerant to all the believing, even if not in God but self-confident etc into biological trash.

  26. gods power is to dangerous for humans to use once you die you will get your powers in heaven god can not give his power to humans the spirits told me i was the only person who could use his power and crazy things to put me in to a mental hospital happened this is the truth

  27. None of these made me question the existence of God, as they are either examples of the fact that God wants us to help others of our own accord, without getting involved in every little thing – it’s called “compassion” – or outright hostility to the very idea of the existence of a Supreme Being. And, my I.Q. was found to be at the “superior” level when I was a high school junior, so before you call me “stupid”, I’m far from it.

  28. Yeah, these snarky memes that seem to be targeted to middle schoolers who just found out about atheism really has helped Pitch religion in perspective for me alright.

  29. The fool hath said in his heart that there is no God,
    but the wise man shouts it from his rooftop.

    – Yeshuahfullofit 14:1

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