Here are 19 very cleverly designed CSS puns that web designers will most certainly appreciate.  They were collected and designed by Saijo George (the puns were originally discovered on reddit).  And if you think these are hilarious, you might also like our earlier post about jokes that writers will appreciate.


css pun illuminati

css pun big bang

css pun tower of pisa

css pun leprechaun

css pun titanic

css pun bambi

css pun periodic

css pun wife

css pun delorean back to the future

css pun europe

css pun mexico

css pun yomama

css pun ninja

css pun china

css pun lego

css pun chuck norris

css pun muscles

css pun bermuda triangle

css pun arrow


These aren’t funny. I don’t get it.

No problem.  You see, HTML is used to structure content and CSS is used for formatting structured content.  CSS covers fonts, colours, margins, lines, height, width, background images, advanced positions and many other things.  If you’re an eager beaver, check out for a quick lesson, then come back to this page.

Now it’s hilarious, right?