We make countless decisions every day. Some may be life changing, while others are so trivial we’re not even aware they’re taking place.  In scenarios we haven’t faced before, pre-existing biases – formed based on a combination of our environment, culture, experiences and emotions – can profoundly influence those decisions and even leave us open to manipulation.

A recent collection of illustrations, produced by Towergate Insurance, highlight some of these common cognitive biases and offer advice on how to recognize and counteract their negative effects so that you can make unbiased, rational decisions in life.

Biases include the…

  1. Bandwagon Effect
  2. Availability Heuristic
  3. Dunning-Kruger Effect
  4. Framing Effect
  5. Confirmation Bias
  6. Curse of Knowledge
  7. Reactance
  8. Sunk Cost Fallacy
  9. Hindsight Bias
  10. Anchoring Effect

Have any of these biases affected your decision-making?

Click on the infographic below to see a larger, more legible version.

Cognitive Biases Infographic600